Bug Fixes Update!

Update 2:31pm: These changes just went live! Let us know if you have questions!

Hi everyone!

We have some fixes going live today. I will update you when these are up on the TV.com website, but here is a peek at what you have to look forward to today:

- A bug was causing episode reviews to link you to the show level reviews when you clicked to view them on the episode pages. This has been fixed.

- There was a bug that was causing some movie and show credits to be missing from person pages. The person was showing up on the movie/show page, but the movie/show was not showing up on the person page. This has been fixed. In some cases, we still have inconsistent character names, which may cause actors to be listed multiple times for the same show as the same character. Any cleanup of your shows to have consistent character names will help this issue.

- There was a bug that was causing crew entered as Music Editor to be changed into Sound Mixer on the website. We have fixed this, so that will work correctly now. You may have to fix older entries.

Let us know what you think once these changes are live! We will continue to update you with new information as we have it.

Posted by jessicakroeber 03/28/2013 11:14am comments: 35


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  • I've been experiencing a bug the past 2-3 days that's affecting notifications. When it says that "such-and-such voted up your comment" or "such-and-such replied to your comment," clicking the notification takes me to such-and-such's profile instead of to the comment affected by the notification.

  • This problem does not occur when I access notifications from my profile.

  • @AriSky - PS: love your profile image :)

  • @AriSky - Thanks for reaching out about your issue with notifications. I looked into the issue. Clicking on the profile image will bring you to the user's profile. Clicking on the notification itself brings you to the comment thread. I have confirmed with my notifications. Are you still seeing the issue if you click on the notification text itself?

  • I can't get my account to work correct anymore, I do't know what's going on, but I click on facebook publishing and it goes on & I even got it to stay on by clicking the drop down again, yet nothing is publishing to facebook anymore and when I log out & back in it keeps defaulting to off & I have never turned this feature off in the first place. If I have something I don't want published I used privacy settings in facebook please fix this asap.

  • Also there was an off & on bug before where it would not link to my facebook profile correctly and sometimes even when I logged out & back in, it did not publish my watch history additions to facebook, so a manual add for when it misses considering that even when you delete in on tv.com sometimes it still says watched and won't let you re-click it would be very helpful.

  • @BluArtistEyes - I will log this bug & PM you for further details. Thanks!

  • Looks like the music editor thing is working, at least at the episode level. Will have to check later once the system catches up to make sure it's working on the person pages.

    I think we all understand that not every bug can be fixed in a short timeframe, and the ME thing was relatively easy to fix. But I thank Jessica for getting it going once I mentioned it to her a week or so ago. Given it's been broken since October 2012... :(


  • @Gislef - I'm glad we could get it fixed!

  • Seems to be working now, thank you for checking. I was clicking on the text of the notification before and it was linking to the profile. And thanks! I considered switching to a similar one of a security camera (for PoI), but it's getting into Who season, so I figured I'd leave it.

  • Oh, another thing that's been bothering me for months: The TV.com and person-in-a-recliner logo doesn't seem to be linked to the site's homepage anymore. It's really annoying to have to enter the URL to go back to the main page every time. I'm sure there's probably another link somewhere on the pages, but that's one of the most basic functions of a website.

  • @AriSky - Are you using an Ad Blocker by any chance? That does break our logo link because the ad is right above it. That might be causing that issue.

  • Magic! I started using an ad-blocker about that long ago. Totally what was causing the problem. But turning it off reminded me of something else: The ads layer over the notification drop-down.

  • I can't edit any of my preferences. I have been trying to change my signature, but every time I go to "Settings" on my profile, I am taken to a screen that gives me newsletter options only.

  • @TheDiamondDog - Yes, we are working on the signature thing. Right now you cannot edit it. You should be able to edit other items in the ABOUT & SETTINGS tabs though.


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