Site Updates 4/12

Hello everyone!

I am still on vacation but I wanted to check in quickly to let you know about some new updates that are live now!

- Contribution pages for users with a large number of contributions are now loading again! Big thanks to TheOldBill & Gislef for testing and confirming that for us!

- Person aliases are working correctly in the cast & crew tool search. They are also appearing on the person pages likethis.

- We have added Hulu embeds to our movie pages so you can watch them without having to leave the site! There will not be an embed for every movie, as it depends what is available.

Please let us know what you think!

Posted by jessicakroeber 04/12/2013 12:51pm comments: 6


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  • Thanks for making the submissions lists available for heavy contributors again! It's really helpful.

  • Thank you for getting the alias searching to work properly. That will make life a lot easier.

    It also looks as though the Contribution History now shows Pending submissions first (more or less). I definitely like this change.

  • @gabfan31 - We're glad to have been able to identify the fix to bring that back! Glad you like it!

  • @dhaworth - Glad we can make you happy with the changes! :)

  • The favorites slider seems to be preventing my profile from loading now. It loads what else can be seen at the top of the page and then freezes. I haven't got more than a handful of favorites, either.

  • @AriSky - I will PM you for more details on that issue.


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