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Site Updates 4/16

Update: 5:29pm These changes are live now. Please let us know what you think!


We are releasing some updates today. I will let you know when they are live.

1. The WYSIWYG is sometimes adding extra paragraph tags when users edit basic info on the show, episode, and person pages. In the Mod Queue, this is making it appear as if additional elements that were not changed have been edited on a submission. With today's release, we have prevented the WYSIWYG from adding that extra HTML, which should cut down on the number of false changes on submissions.

2. We are now going to display HTML inside CURRENT field of the Mod Queue. It was already appearing in the EDITED field, but now you will be able to compare the two more accurately.

This change will allow special characters to work on the website and it will make it easier for editors to determine the exact elements that have been changed in a submission.

Please let us know if you have any questions!

Posted by jessicakroeber 04/16/2013 2:14pm comments: 16


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  • #1 sounds good. It's not so much false changes, as editors just not knowing if someone actually was making a change or not.

    #2 Hmmm. I've been in favor of that myself, but it was suggested that sometimes you have to see the be able to fix them. Other folks can probalby describe the need in more detail (Layle?), but is it clear there won't be any issues with open tags, for instance?

  • @Gislef - You will be able to see the HTML tags in the text fields so you should be able to edit them or fix them.

  • I'm afraid I don't understand. So will we see bolding like the the example on the right above (with no strong tags) or like on the left (with the strong tags)? Or some mix of both?

    What we see now is what is on the left, with the HTML tags.

  • Still not loving the site's insistence on WYSIWYG. It is responsible, among other calumnies, for the bunchingoftext in published items. We should be allowed to switch it off when making submissions.

    I presume the latest change will address twin issues: that Synopses/Recaps submitted in pre-WYSIWYG days appear as edited, even if the contributor has not edited the field in question; that episode titles containing non-alphabetic characters such as ampersands or apostrophes display the html code in moderation view, and must be edited if they are to display correctly.

    I'm not sure I understand point (2). The screencap appears to show the current state of play.

    But any moves to allow special characters to be displayed properly is a good thing. I strongly disapprove of representing Em dashes with hyphens and I love my ellipses!

  • *nods* Yes, #2 looks like what we have now. And we can already see the HTML tags in the text fields. The only thing that would be different is if we didn't see the tags. But Jessica seems to be saying that's not the case.

  • @Gislef & @TheOldBill - The HTML tags will now be appearing in the CURRENT text field, as well as the EDITED text field. So you can compare it to what is already in the system.

  • @TheOldBill - Thanks for your feedback on WYSIWYG. We will take that into consideration!

  • So the edit here is that the contributor is bolding the first two words. Ah.

    Just as a future suggestion, what we need is something that shows any changes, like highlighting differing/new text. HTML changes are relatively rare. So while there's some value to being able to see the tags in the current field, what would help contributors and editors. If a contributor makes some change and doesn't indicate what it is in Comments, it makes it difficult for an editor to find it... and more likely they will reject and ask for clarification.

  • I'm with OldBill. A plain text option when submitting would be a boon in general, and especially for odd things like submitting blurbs with the words style and class. Now I have to run it through my queue with a second ID to perform the fix so the bug doesn't occur. Really appreciate you losing the false changes.

  • I think these changes have messed up hundreds, maybe even thousands of submissions on just one of my guides alone. My guide Pokémon has numerous submissions partially destroyed. Basically, Pokémon has an accent over the e, and any submission to my guide that has the word Pokémon in it has completely deleted everything after that k in Pokémon. This show is almost 800 episodes now, if I have to go back in and fix all those it could take months. I really hope there is a way to fix this!

  • @Gislef - Great feedback regarding making it clear WHAT has been changed. We will definitely consider that. In the meantime, I think it is okay to reject and ask for more information when you can't tell what has been changed.

  • @SPDShadowRanger - Can you please PM me a few example links where you are seeing that change so I can look into it? Thanks!

  • @layle1 - Thanks for the feedback. Definitely something for us to consider!

  • "Special characters" like me appreciate all your work.


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