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Hello, everyone! I'm Andrew, and I'm really excited to have joined the team at TV.com. I will be helping Jessica out, making sure all your show pages are problem free! My taste is fairly eclectic, from old school Trek to the underrated Felicity to the funniest show on TV today, Parks and Recreation. My favorite series of all time is a toss-up between Lost and The Muppet Show. Latest obsessions include Hemlock Grove and (DON'T JUDGE ME!) My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. (I mean, c'mon -- they've riffed on The A-Team and The Big Lebowski in two separate episodes. What's not to love?) If it's smartly written and well-executed, I like it. If it keeps me guessing, I love it. If you'd like to chat about your similarly divergent tastes in TV or just say "Hello!" PM me at Andrew_Moore.

Posted by Andrew_Moore 06/10/2013 4:07pm comments: 38


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  • Welcome! We're really excited to have you join the team! :)

  • Welcome Andrew! Can you be classified as a bronie?

  • Welcome aboard and I'm glad to know that Jessica will be getting some help!

  • GuillermoPont: No, no, no ... I wouldn't say that. I'm not writing MLP fan-fiction or anything. I just like the show, I don't "like" like it. ;-)

  • telvisnostic: Thank you!

  • Which MLP character would you say you are most like...and why?

  • JoshuaFratter: This is a trick question designed to pin me down as a bronie, right?

  • Welcome Andrew! It's good to see TV.com expanding :)

  • Thanks, fweak! I'm happy to be a part of the crew.

  • ads often will not play... then lock up my comp- especially the viagra on the beach ad- so get rid of it ...please- while watching episodes... i often freeze up and have to reload the page- why??? my shockwave frequently crashes- it is the most current version- again... why??? and lastly... why all the sex and escort stuff on the forums??? clean that crap up- thanks- sincerely , a new but not very happy user- call me rocky-

  • Or to put it more tactfully than the last poster... Hello! And hope you like call girls and kitchen utensils, Andrew, because you're going to be reading a lot about them. :)

  • Rocky: As Jessica mentioned in an earlier post, we have put more manpower on cleaning up the spam in the forums, and we are working on possible solutions. As soon as we have a fix in place, we will let everyone know. In the meantime, please continue to help out by marking those posts as spam. As for the other issues you mention, please PM me about them.

  • Hello, Gislef!

  • Cool sweater, Andrew! Welcome aboard!

  • Welcome! Sweater oh my goodness, it's 90deg outside my window. Great to have more help on board.

  • Thanks, jokipper! Are you in Arkansas? I went to high school and college in Arkansas, and met my wife there.

  • Thanks, TesserT! I'm happy to be here!

  • Yes Andrew, I've lived all over, from Connecticut to the Philippines, but I was born an Arkie and will be a Razorback forever. Interesting to hear that you have connections to our fine state as well! Woo Pig Sooie ;)

  • Welcome Andrew. Problem free sounds good to me. :)

  • Welcome to TV.com, Andrew! Sorry I'm late to the party. It's great that Jessica will have some help. She gets a lot of stuff dumped on her. Now she can spread it around. I'm looking forward to hearing more from you.


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