Jessica Out 8/16 and New Communities!

Update: 3:04PM: Here is thenews articleabout the new community pages, including a list of some community posts our editors loved. You may recognize some of the authors!

Hi everyone!

Just wanted to let you know that I'm going to be out tomorrow (Friday, 8/16). If you need anything during that time, contact Andrew (Andrew_Moore) and he can help!

Also, we launched some more community pages today! Check out the new list & join the conversation now!

Whose Line Is It Anyway?


Posted by jessicakroeber 08/15/2013 10:28am comments: 15


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  • You know what would be a neat update? A link to this forum on the front page. Call it the Latest Community News Announcements or something like that, but give us easier access. The new system of scrolling to the bottom of the page or typing in the URL is not user friendly and means less people are seeing important to you announcements like you're going to be away from your desk/s. Or maybe that was the point?

  • @layle1 - We're aware of that & we're working on making this site blog more visible again. Thanks for the suggestion!

  • Since nobody's using it in at least a year, you might want to get rid of the blog.

  • @Gislef - Thanks for the suggestion!

  • Good to know and I'll look forward to your solution.

  • I was wondering would it be possible to view a list of all new shows? Like at the bottom of the home page there is a list of 10 new shows. Just wondering could we see all new shows!

  • @goalkeeping-god - new shows or new community pages?

  • @jessicakroeber - New shows. Or even to be able to look for shows beginning in 2013.

  • Would be possible on the communities to do... something with the Flag button. Because if you're on the last thread in a chain and you can't Reply anymore, the Flag button is exactly where the Reply button is. You think you're trying to Reply and you Flag it instead. :(

  • @Gislef - That one's on our list. We have a fix going out soon that will allow you to unflag a comment if you accidentally flag it. I'll let you all know when that's in!

  • @goalkeeping-god - We add new shows all the time (some of which are actually older) so I assume you mean a list of upcoming shows that are about to premiere? Good suggestion! For now, the best place to look is the News section, since Jen writes about upcoming and new shows a lot. She will often post What to Watch Tonight articles or Fall Premiere articles that should help you out.

  • @Gislef - In fact, that fix JUST went out! So you can now unflag comments if you accidentally flag them. Just click on the FLAGGED link and it will unflag it. Thanks!

  • @goalkeeping-god - I forgot to mention that we do have a short list of new shows on the homepage. Just scroll all the way down & look for the section like the screencap below. It's not everything, but it should help a bit!

  • @jessicakroeber - Thanks Jessica. Yes, I was referring to upcoming shows yet to premiere. Appreciate the assistance


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