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We launched some new improvements today that make following your favorite shows even easier! Check out all the details at the News article,Hey Readers, We Just Made Following Shows Easier!

Let me know if you have any questions!

Posted by jessicakroeber 08/29/2013 5:40pm comments: 5


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  • I'm a little confused about the My Watch History feature. Mine is already full of shows that I ticked off in the What to Watch articles. Will clicking on the I've watched This button add that episode to my Watch History? If every episode is added the list will get very long. Is there a way for this to show up on Twitter, like GetGlue? That would be worth something. Meanwhile, I watched the pilot of White Collar on USA last night. I just looked at it and it shows I watched it 7 times. Surely that means I've checked in to watch the series 7 times, not the episode. See? Confusing.

  • @IndianaMom - Clicking "I'm Watching" on the What to Watch tonight article module will add the episode to your Watch History list. Clicking "I've Watched This" on an episode page will also do that. The count next to the "I've Watched This" button is not the number of times you've watched it, but the number of times that all users have clicked to say they've watched it. Thanks for the suggestion about automatic Twitter sharing!

  • Thanks for clearing that up.

  • I haven't been that actively into lists, and now that this new feature was introduced, I stared looking closer at the lists I have. I now understand the difference between "Following" and "Favorites", but what the heck is the "Shows I'm Watching" list? I noticed that other users have it too, so it's not one that I have created for myself a long time ago. It must be created by When I scrolled through it, I realized it was the longest list I have, and it contains a huge number of shows that I do not watch, and that I have never watched! So my question is this: how are shows added to the "Shows I'm Watching" list? Do they end up their automatically once you visit a show page? Because it really contains many shows that I have never indicated that I watch. For example Nurse Jackie is neither on my "Following" or my "Favorite" lists, nor has it ever been, and yet it's somehow on my "Shows I'm Watching" list? How has the "Shows I'm Watching" list collected shows before? Personally, I have all the shows I'm watching on my "Favorite" list, since usually the shows that are your favourites you also watch. Therefore I have no need for a separate "Shows I'm Watching" list.

  • @Taccado - Previously, if you clicked "I'm Watching" on one of the What to Watch articles or on a show/episode page, that would get logged in your Shows I'm Watching List and the Watch History. We've cleaned that up a little and now clicking the "I'm Watching" on an article or a show/episode page, it will only add it to your Watch History. You can edit the list if you would like to curate it yourself, so please do feel free to remove the shows you don't plan on watching from your list!


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