We're Interviewing Benson and Stabler!

Monday, November 19th we'll be interviewing Chris Meloni and Mariska Hargitay from the hit show Law and Order: SVU. I don't know about anyone else, but I think SVU is the best Law and Order to date and Benson and Stabler are the hottest cops on TV - and if you're like me you've got questions. Here's your chance to ask 'em. Check it out here: LINK


I, danmod, will be conducting the interview! It'll be my first so help a brother out and give me some good questions!

Posted by danmod 11/16/2007 12:59pm comments: 18


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  • So cool!!! Dan thanks for the news.

  • I watch it once in a while and I think it's great !

  • One question is: What other acting plans do you have beyond the tv show?.

  • Do you like acting in the episodes that focus primarily on one detective, or multiple ones?

  • Will Benson be blind for the remainder of the series?

  • Pretty cool, danmod. I like how that series does its own take on the police show, not mimicking the original Law & Order. I don't watch that show every week but I certainly think Mariska and Chris do an excellent job on the show. I'll try to come up with some questions too.

  • i'll pass

  • Benson and Stabler? Wow, cool!

  • congrats, thats so cool. i love that show and i thought i would have a tonn of questions but i cant think of any! expect, oliva blind? what happened? i'm in australia and obviously we are some what behind!

  • [quote="JusticeLeaguer"]Will Benson be blind for the remainder of the series?[/quote] I can answer that right now. No Elliot won't because it's only temporary and the actor isn't leaving the show. Also I read a similar question on TV Guide and they said no. I have a question, will anything major happen will Elliot and Kathy's baby and when is it due?

  • Will Benson have any love interests this season....maybe including a certain FBI agent?

  • You know I don't watch Law and Order because at first I though Benson meant Robert Guilliome- Benson from Soap!

  • I don't get around ot it much anymore but I liked it the best out of the L&O series. I usually watch the repeats in the summer though.

  • I can't wait to read this. Do us proud, Dan.

  • Dan as a tv.com member and as a journalist I need to say make us proud.

  • 'Benson and Stabler? Wow, cool! ' Agreed!


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