Calling SF/Bay Area Users!!

Hey guys, here's the deal - we need some SF/Bay Area users to come on down to the CNet building and help our Marketing team with a project they're working on. Who's interested? Just send me a PM and I'll give you the details. Don't delay!
Posted by danmod 02/04/2008 3:29pm comments: 18


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  • No, not from San Fran. Wish I could help though.

  • I'm in Sacramento, but assuming this is something that will take place this month, I'm afraid I have no free time. :P Poop.

  • If you consider San Jose as part of the Bay Area (I seriously don't know, but I always assumed that at the least it was pretty close to the area) then yeah, I am. I'll send out a PM regardless, since I really need something non school related to keep me busy.

  • [color=#FF6600]San Jose is so Bay Area, Pete. XD Perhaps we'll run into each other[/color].

  • I live a few blocks from you guys in the Marina, volunteer work, i presume? Focus group maybe? I have plenty of opinions... ;)

  • So cool, to bad I live in Florida.

  • Man...does Texas count?:P


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