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    I always think of wonderful ideas for shows and I dream of becoming a game show host and I have a question for all of you game show fans. If you had the chance to create a game show what kind of game show wouldyou design? For me my dream game show would be a game show where contestants have to run though a store and they would have a time limit of 90 minutes to shop and whoever had the biggest cart full of items would go onto a special round called Bullseye where they would guess the prices of items and have a 20 minute time limit to write the prices of items on pieces of paper and attach them to a target and whoever would get the answers right in 20 seconds would win a gift card and runners up would get lovely parting gifts and the name of the game show would be named Target Sweep and be filmed at {where else} Target and would be so great.,

    What would be your dream game show that you could design and what would it be about?,


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