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    Hi there! My name's Sean! I'm 20 years old (I'll be 21 on February 1st) and I've got autism. Since "Wheel of Fortune" is one of my favorite television game shows, were you ever a contestant on the Pat Sajak and Vanna White version of "Wheel of Fortune" between 1983 and 2011 either on the NBC Daytime version or the syndicated nighttime version? If so, what was the experience like to be a contestant on television's # 1 game show, what was the audition like, how much did you win in money and / or in prizes, What word puzzles did you solve? What were Pat and Vanna like in person, etc.? It would be really awesome to hear about "Wheel of Fortune" contestant experiences between 1983 and 2011 with hosts Pat Sajak and Vanna White either on the NBC Daytime version or the syndicated nighttime version!


    By the way, since my rank here on the TV forums is weatherman, Pat Sajak of course used to be a television weatherman before hosting Wheel of Fortune!

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    Hi there Sean,

    Lucky you that you are gonna audition for Wheel Of Fortune and that makes me so very happy to hear your news. As a Wheel Of Fortune fan who just loves Wheel Of Fortune I can tell you that you are gonna have loads of fun during your audition. But one thing to pack the day before your Wheel Of Fortune audition is {If you have one} A Nintendo DS and the Nintendo DS version of Wheel Of Fortune so that you can practice the game while you're waiting for your turn and it will help you be prepared so you'll understand Wheel Of Fortune a bit better. From what i've read about Wheel Of Fortune contestant auditions after you pass the first audition a staff member of Wheel Of Fortune will call you to tell you how you did and then from then on Wheel Of Fortune will then select from a list of {I think five contestants} and if you are chosen as one of the five contestants on the list you will be given a list of contestant rules and a letter that contains the flight info and hotel where you'll be staying. But believe me the experience of being a game show contestant is worth all the wonderful excitement,

    Good Luck and thank you for sharing your story,


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