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Forums: General TV Discussion: anyone? A 1989 or 90ish kids singing show from Australia or New Zealand?

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    can anyone help me? Looking for years! In 1989 or 1990/1 there was an Australian or New Zealnd (I think, the kids had an aussie like accent) and it was a series for kids. It was a music videoshow with two groups of kids. Both groups had 4 (?) boys and (4?) girls in them but one of was mid teen aged and the second was preteen aged. The groups had group names (think one was mini something after theslightly older group) and the show consisted of music videos much like kids bop videos but lower budget and the groups performed seperatelyand thentogether. There was an opening number and closing numberwith both groups. It was not S club 7- which was much later in time and not American based. Please help me~ thanks!

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    I believe the show you are referring to was a show named Young Talent Time that was a hit in Australia in the 80's and was similar to the Mickey Mouse Club of the 90's but with music videos and a kids talent contest where kids would sing and then get a recording contract if they won the contest. Among the stars featured in Young Talent Time was hit recording star Tina Arena who became well-known in America with her song Chains in 1996 and the album Strong As Steel in 1990,

    Hope I helped you well,


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