Forums: General TV Discussion: Anyone know this long-lost TV show (possibly a movie)?

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    One time, this old guy told me about some old TV show (maybe a movie), but neither of us knew the title of it. However, what he did know is this: It's about a woman who's married to an older guy, a guy who just sits around the house all day. Because she's bored with this marriage, she goes up to the second floor of the house, possibly the attic, where there's a ballroom and she attends all these fancy balls. During a ball, she visualizes another scene taking place, for example, a camping trip in the mountains. Obviously, the scene is not real, but to the viewer, it looks as if all the characters are actually on a camping trip or whatever.

    If you want to know any other details, here goes: I think the show (movie?) is from the 50's, probably the 60's at the latest. I don't know any of the characters' names, the time it was aired or even sponsorship data. In fact, this may just have been a single episode of a TV show rather than a whole show.

    Sound familiar to anybody?

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