Forums: General TV Discussion: Did the INSP Channel go broke?

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    Today I learned that the family oriented network INSP has gone off the air and I want to know what the reason is? Is it because INSP is merging with Hallmark Channel or another network to make another channel or are they gonna rebrand INSP with a new name and add new programming?. I do know that the Christian music record label Word Records did own INSP and founded it in 1996 but I hadn't heard much more about it. The warning announcement mentioned that INSP's programming will now be seen on Hallmark Channel. INSP was a good channel that showed family oriented programming and classic TV favorites like Bonanza and The Brady Bunch and Happy Days and was so great,

    Did anyone hear about this announcement today?,


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    Did your local cable company stop carrying the channel? Because I have Time Warner and INSP is still on the air.

    By the way, INSP, Hallmark and UP all show The Waltons now.

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