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    I think I should be posting this vent under "News / Documentary" but that "page does not exist" is the message I get there......

    So, I watched the one about the "Bermuda Triangle" last night and was pulling my hair out! I wish I could have picked up the phone and call someone about the lamebrain exercise they did on the methane bubbles theory.
    It looked like they were playing around Bahia Honda in the Keys. I used to live there and the water is shallow! About 20' where they were trying to make this 30 foot "nearly unsinkable" sailboat (What a dumb comment to make but that's an other story!) to sink in the air bubble array they had set up with a steel frame and a whole bunch of hoses. The whole thing was stupid! The boat would NOT go down, so they loaded her up with concrete blocks until she did! What a way to verify an experiment - do what it takes to get the result!

    They completely missed the technical aspect of what the bubbles are all about. They were conducting an experiment that usually takes place in hundreds of fathoms of water, in 20 feet! Not even two atmospheres!

    Next time, dear producer, call someone like yours truly to gather some technical basis for your show before you shoot! The bubbles are a very real possibility for a lot of sinking events and the scenario is this: a bubble or bubbles escape from the earth's crust at the bottom in deep ocean, and the important thing is, that as the bubbles rise, they become bigger and bigger as they rise to the surface. There is a very good possibility of a single bubble sinking a large ship. A single bubble that had started out relatively small but grew as it rose to the surface, expanding as pressure eased on it! You can not duplicate this scenario in 20 feet of water!
    The expansion of the methane bubbles is not unlike the expansion of bubbles in a diver's body as he ascends to the surface. You know, always exhale as you're coming up; basic SCUBA diving principals......

    Sorry for the rant, but I turn on certain TV channels to learn, expand my horizons, and not to be disappointed and ticked off by stupidity!

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    Which is your favorite discovery program.

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