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    Hello All...

    I have a question for all of you. I just got off the phone with the "Dish" TV provider, and this was the info that they wanted. First they wanted to check my credit with my SSN. Fine, every one goes through that procedure no matter what your buying. But in the same breath they wanted my credit number. I said, what in the hell do you need my credit number for a credit check. They told me it's for the equipment that their going to send me. Hold on I replied, don't you need to run a credit check first?? Yes they said, but we need a credit card number to go along with your credit check. I informed them that one of the bylaws for the BBB, is that you never need to give anything else then your SSN. They just added, well that's the way it runs here. And that was that.......Is this one of the biggest "Red Flags" that anyone has ever seen"?? Or an I all wrong here.....

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