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    When it has come down to it there are channels that are wonderful and channels that have a great lineup and there are channels that have gone downhill and are taking a whole new direction. Hallmark Channel is one of them and I cannot understand why Hallmark Channel has gone downhill and it has shocked me that a cable channel that shares it's name with one of the top stores in shopping malls around the world and the nation has gone from good to bad. Is it because Hallmark Channel is trying to grab a new audience or is it because Hallmark is changing direction by adding a more broader lineup to their channel? Take for example every time I have watched Hallmark Channelthey show nothing but Cheers Frasier The Golden Girls and I Love Lucy from the morning till the night and with Cheers and Frasier they show the exact same rerun from the morning and this shocks me that Hallmark Channel does this and they should show other shows like Happy Days which was added to their lineup recently at night and shows like Highway To Heaven and The Good Wife should be added to Hallmark Channel as well. Another thing I have noticed is that because Hallmark Stores own Hallmark Channel you NEVER EVER see Hallmark Hall Of Fame movies rerun on the channel and very rarely you see few Hallmark commercials being shown and this alone has caused Hallmark Channel to go downhill. As for original programming lately it seems that Hallmark Channel has an obsession with talk shows starting with Marie Osmond's show Marie and to me Hallmark Channel should focus their original programming to create their own original shows besides talk shows and that should be smart for Hallmark to do,

    Do you agree that Hallmark Channel is downhill?,


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    Take a breath, please!

    You win the prize for the longest sentence ever at

    Please rewrite your post so that it is broken up into sentences and paragraphs, and then you may get some responses.

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