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Forums: General TV Discussion: MTV is Casting for a New Show featuring ROOMMATES w/ ANNOYING Habits!

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    We are currently casting for a new reality TV show that seeks to showcase people who are constantly tortured by their prankster, goofball roommates for their own show. Are you fed up with your roommate's ways? Does your roommate drive you crazy with their never ending, annoying, obnoxious pranks? Do you wish he or she would just move out??!! Does your blood pressure rise every time you hear your roommate come home? Do you lose sleep at night because they are driving you insane with their annoying, non-stop, childish behavior? Interesting and charismatic personalities are a must.

    If you, or someone you know, has a roommate with non-stop obnoxious behaviors who is always pulling annoying pranks, or has quirky, unique habits that drive you insane, we encourage you to apply!

    If you are interested in the project, please email the following to Roommatecast2 @ gmail.com:

    Contact information (name, phone number, email)
    Pictures (of yourself AND your roommate, but do NOT disclose to your roommate that you are submitting for the show)
    City and state in which you live
    A short paragraph telling us exactly why you are aggravated with your roommate and why they need to change their ways or move out. Be specific!


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