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Forums: General TV Discussion: Name of a really old animated Christmas movie???

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    [1]Apr 22, 2013
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    There use to be a really old animated movie that YTV showed every year around Christmas (1990). It was about...

    A boy who ends up sailing with some vikings. There is a statue of a girl who turns human. The girl ends up throwing her heart into the ocean so she could bare marring an evil king. The vikings are also kind of douches, but the leader turns noble in the end and fights a bulldozer that he thinks is a giant scorpion. At some point the three wise men show up I believe.

    I swear this is a real movie.

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    [2]Dec 22, 2013
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    Your not alone on this. I too remember seeing this as a kid and you just described it. It had a story about destroying a church with a guy in a monocle who drives the bulldozer that caches on fire and it becomes a scorpion. I wish I can name it for you but I can't.

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