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    MI-5 when Rose died in the last episode of this series

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    Grey's Anatomy S8E24 Flight where Lexie died.

    Friends last episode when they all put their keys and left the apartment.

    Supernatural when Bobby died.

    Also Grey's Anatomy when Izzie and George flat lined.

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    I feel a bit silly writing here as this topic doesn't seem to be so active anymore but nevertheless here are few episodes I found extremely sad.

    Contains spoilers for House, Misfits, How I Met Your Mother, Chuck and Dexter

    - House, the moment in the last episode where you think House is dead. It got even sadder when we see how Wilson reacts to this because of his condition. The episode where Amber dies and the episode where Kutner dies.

    - Misfits... The end of series 3... Seriously... Future Simon falls in love with Alisha, Future Simon dies protecting her, Alisha falls in love with Present Simon, Alisha's love turns Simon to a more confident man, Alisha dies, now Future Simon travels back to save Alisha. It is kind of poetic but most of all it's sad. They are trapped in a loop and they can never have a happy ending.

    Also Misfits... Series 4 Episode 4 the last remaining original character Curtis saves the world from the zombie apocalypse by killing himself after a depressing phone call with Rudy.

    More Misfits... Rudy's character development in the last few episodes of season 4 ends when Nadine, the only woman Rudy seems to love, sacrifices herself to save the gang.

    - How I Met Your Mother, Marshall's father dies.

    - Chuck,The end of the last season. Even though the creators have said that the end is supposed to be happy I found it to be extremely sad. The relationship between Sarah and Chuck was one of the greatest things about the show. Sarah's amnesia which caused her to forget the whole relationship was painful and sad for me to watch.

    - Dexter, First episode of the mediocre season 5... Rita's funeral was painful to watch but what made it sad was the last bit of inner monologue of Dexter.

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