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    Hello everyone

    My name is Quentin, I'm french, and I'm here because I need your help :

    I'm writting an essay about foreign reality tv shows talking about missing people. I've been finding some things but I thought that you could tell me names of reality shows about this subject, you know those shows more than me. It doesn't matter if they're old or recent. If you could just give me the name, the channel it's (been on) and the subject, it would be fantastic. Also, if you're not american, please specify it, so I can know if the show's american or not.
    And tell me everything you know, even if you think it's a little off the subject, it's a wide research. Everything about missing is fine !

    For example, I've found : The locator (WETV), Find my family (ABC), Find our missing (TVONE) ...

    I would like to thank all of you in advance for reading my post and I hope I'll get a few responses : )

    Ps, if you want to know something about french tv shows, go ahead and ask !

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