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Forums: General TV Discussion: Stephen Michaelson's Top 5 Worst TV Shows of 2013

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    [1]Apr 21, 2013
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    HiStephen Michaelson here

    I am an avid TV watcher but even I can't stomach some of these tv show

    1 - Revolution - I think this is NBCs version of walking dead but this is just plain bad and the plot is just so bad

    2- 1600 Penn - Is it just me or is the star of the show Josh Gad just annoying? He created the show and it is just not funny out it this way I would rather watch Honey Boo boo

    3 - The Neighbors - Really this is suppose to be like 3rd rock from the sun but it is jusgt bad and not even close to being funny. it is on the same night as Modern Family so it is getting that shows sloppy seconds

    4 - Honey Boo - I get guilty pleasure tv but this show is just so bad. It makes red necks embarrassed

    5 - Celebrity Apprentice - Whats worse and more annoying then Honey Boo Boo? Donald Trump. All his money and stars cant get him a personality and ratings

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    [2]Apr 23, 2013
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    I'm with you on 2 - 5 but I like Revolution.

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