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Forums: General TV Discussion: Tv Ratings project

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    [1]Mar 30, 2013
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    Hey Guys!

    So I had a few days off from work, and I was really bored.

    As a result, I tried to make a table for almost all shows (left out some reality shows) and their ratings this season, so far.

    I just want to show it to you, and most importantly, get your ideas and constructive criticism on it..

    It's called.. you know.. a PROJECT. So some help would be awesome!

    I am really into this stuff, so please don't comment if you think it's stupid or something

    Since i don't know how to upload any files here, here is a link to the post where the file was uploaded.

    Thank you for ANY comments, help, whatsoever!


    Have a nice day,


    (I am from Germany, so sorry for any mistakes!)

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    [2]Apr 9, 2013
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    I would love to look at it but the link is so long that it is running into the edge so I don't know if it is longer than it looks or not. Could you maybe put spaces into it so that it could all be seen, and then I could copy it and paste it and remove the spaces?

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