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    I'm not american nor in the US, and I find the US TV schedule so hard to follow and so irregular!

    I follow something like 6 TV shows, and despite it's always the same day of the week, it's never the same a week or the other!

    One week there is, next week no, 2 weeks yes then 3 weeks no then 1 week yes then suddenly 4 weeks no,...

    How come?!

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    Well their is always awards shows that delay, plus NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament that pre empts CBS Thursday and Friday for two weeks, in addition the Local networks take Thanksgiving -thur Christmas off , and finally the big ratings push is called May sweeps!! so basically most shows will have their season finales in MAY, granted their is always exceptions!! I agree most shows on the Local networks( ABC< FOX CBS NBC CW) are only 18-22 episodes sometimes less, once in a while a bit more, you would think doing he math its only 5 and half months ( SEPT, OCT NOV JAN FEB MAR) BAM you down, now the cable networks are all over the calendar year, most of them don't want to go head to head with the local networks but sometimes its unavoidable Ialso forgotthe MLB playoffs on FOX that preempts their shows!! plus many more reasons that I don't know or understand!!

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