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Who won the kids TV war of the 90's?

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    If you were born in the 80's/raised in the 90's like I was, you're well aware of how much the landscape of children's television has changed...and not necessarily for the better. I was fortunate to be born early enough in the 80's that I fondly remember that era of programming as well, but that's another topic for another day. However, it seemed like no matter where you turned, there was a varietal wealth of great shows oozing from every facet of "the idiot box" and into our collective consciousness throughout the 1990's. From the educational, to the action-oriented, to the outright ridiculous, no one can deny it had our attention and it was all entertaining in one form or another. Cable television, though popular, was still largely on the come-up & wasn't the single dominating force we know it to be today. Thus, I've included the "free channels" that undoubtedly held their own at some point during the decade.

    So, as we recount the shows that run the gambit of emoticons; the dust has been settled for quite some time now. Which network do you think won the war & why? What were some of your favorite kids shows of the 90's?

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    Nick did. They had some really good shows on back then. Sure the big networks, PBS and FOX did as well... but Nick really stood out. Are You Afraid of the Dark?, Hey Dude, All That, Salute Your Shorts, are only a few of the shows from that period that were good for the most part.

    As for favorites, loved Are You Afraid of the Dark?, Salute Your Shorts, Hey Dude, Spider-Man (the 90's version) and Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego?...
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