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    [1]May 17, 2012
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    So i recently came across the television show Ugly Betty and while i know its "old" but i just finished watching all 4 seasons of it. Every day when i got home me and my gf would sit and watch it together and during the time watching the show i have grown really attatched to the main characters. The cast is simply amazing and i can think of only 3 times in my entire life ive ever loved a show/cast as much as i have Ugly Betty. When we finished the last episode i got really sad..it felt like a long time friend/friends had gone away and you were missing them and now any show i try to watch just does not impress me or makes me wish i was watching more "new" episodes of ugly betty. i feel really weird admitting to that lol.

    I guess what i am getting at here is. Have any of you ever felt like this? have you ever watched a show and just became completely sucked in and fell in love with everyone and when its over you feel like you lost something? or something is missing in you're life?

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    [2]May 18, 2012
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    I showed Rumpole of the Bailey to two of my co-workers and they are going though the same thing. I having the same feeling now even before the end. I did not get many of the Doctor Who 1963 where I live. Now with DVD I'm able to watch those I never had a chance to. The thing is there are only a few left that I have noty seen. It will be sad when it ends. It hurts more if cast members are nolonger with us.

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