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    There isn't a listing for the 1977 Christmas movie "The Gathering," so I am placing this detail here. In that movie, you never know where his character of Adam Jr./Bud/Steve is living. But there's a clue in the beginning of the movie when his mother talks about a "Manitoba washroom." So I assume that is where Bud lives.

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    "The Gathering" is my #1 all-time favorite Christmas movie. I have watched it almost every year since I first saw it at first airing. I had managed to find a copy on VHS, which I wore out, and then my husband found me a copy on DVD (it wasa double, with "The Gathering II, which stunk).

    I don't believe that is a clue. I believe she said that instead of "find you dead in the middle of nowhere", knowing that he wanted to go to Canada to find Bud. You know, stopping in Manitoba for a break or something.

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