Big Day
ABC (ended 2007)
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Everything matters at a wedding, and the smallest imperfections can reverberate throughout the event as if lives actually hang in the balance. Things are about to get even more complicated for Danny and Alice, as their day turns into a season-long roller coaster where nothing goes according toMore plan. Over the course of an entire season, each episode will focus on one day - Danny and Alice's wedding day.

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  • dvd?

    Any word on a DVD release?

    2 comments, last one Sep 29, 2008
  • Big Day = Uk Show - Worst Week of my Life

    As I said in my review the similaties between this and the UK Show 'Worst Week of my Life' are amazing. Similarities: The wedding obviously Her parents don't like him He is always trying to impress her parents and fails. The sister is single and a bit of a loose cannon. The wedding isMore heavily planned. Best man sleeps with sister She has wealthy parents and he isn't. Weird ex-boyfriend is invited the wedding. Her parents are snobs. And this is just from the first episode! more info on worst week:;title;0 Honestly this is just like worst week and if it doesn't have the same writers or isn't based on it I'd be amazed. Also 'Worst Week of My Life' was made concieved before 'Meet the Parents/Fockers. This is just a blatant rip-off

    6 comments, last one Oct 14, 2007
  • What happened to the 13th episode?

    The episode guide has a 13th episode, "The $10,000 Gift," that was scheduled to air 01.30, but now ABC says the 12th episode, "The Ceremony," is the season finale. Anybody know what happened?

    11 comments, last one Mar 26, 2007
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    10 Perfect
    Why does everyone say it is bad????
    Please read :) hide show

    Everyone is saying its unoriginal or its a complete waste of time or i dont get it well if you dont get it your dum its easy. Danny and Alice going to get married. Alice has got a nice dad and a control freak mother they have got thehir two friends one is blind. Really they are just getting ready for a weding ut they are trying to make it perfect but things keep coming up and on the last episode it had that girl and the man wanting to sing at the wedding lolz. It was so mean the next door neighbour put Alices wedding dress on a flag pole

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    3.4 Bad
    worthless show hide show

    Featuring all the tension and the squabbling and the complete, nonsensical silliness, ABC's Big Day is a ''real-time'' breakdown of a couple's wedding day, half hour by excruciating half hour. Posh, shallow, overblown nuptials are a very short leash to chain a comedy to: In the first three episodes available for review, there are a dozen nasty fights about such ridiculous topics as seating charts and the questionable merits of Caesar salad. We all know people can get goofy over flower arrangements and chocolate drizzle cake, but knowing that and wanting to see it each week are two very different things. Likable characters can get away with random fits of insanity; Big Day has no likable characters. Perhaps for the sake of gender equality, there is no single Bridezilla here — everyone acts like an idiot. The groom (Four Kings' Josh Cooke) is a daffy, oblivious man-boy; the bride (The Practice's Marla Sokoloff) is a rich baby-girl prone to weeping; her mom (Just Shoot Me's Wendie Malick) is an uptight, controlling matron. Malick, with her regal carriage, can occasionally pull off a shimmer of a laugh. But just a shimmer.

    It takes a very clever hand to make irritating situations amusing. Both Father of the Bride movies (mostly) managed this because they had amiable — if manic — personalities. Big Day has only a bunch of stereotypical self-centered brats (here comes the bride's randy ex-boyfriend!) darting in and out of rooms, worrying about mojito bars and crepe stations. No one wants to be like those people — and no one should have to watch them.

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    4.5 Poor
    Big Day is uneventful hide show

    The gimmick of a "24"-style wedding day show is a hard one to launch and sustain. It has to be clever, funny, and witty enough to last. "Big Day" didn't get through that, probably because people are not as interested in weddings as studios assume (read: "The Wedding Bells," "The Wedding Album").

    "Big Day" included a lot of frantic characters and events leading up to the couple's wedding in 24 hours. It doesn't work because the quirky-ness is forced and unfunny. For example, they had a revolving joke about getting orgasmic foot massages. That is so passe and not risque. The one thing that makes Big Day work is the cast. Wendi Malick is always reliably funny and Marla Sokoloff is charming, natural, and deserves MUCH better. I hope after "Big Day," Marla is able to do something much better and that can utilize her immense talents.

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    8 Great
    What!!??? hide show

    I watched this show from day one becasue I'm getting married and I thought oh that will be neat to see a wedding show. But after each episode I kept asking my self why do i keep watching this show it's so unreallistic. Too many things went wrong in one day. I watch every episode and then it never even showed them get married. Come on you drag out this lame show and then never actualy show the wedding?? What? On the episode list it said that there was another after the cermony but it never aired on tv. I don't think there will be a season two of this show.

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    8.9 Great
    Hope it comes back for another season. hide show

    This is a good show and I hope it comes back for a second season. I wounder what is going to happen if it comes for another season I hope it does because it is really good and it shows you how hard it is to plan your wedding and how stressfull it is but at the end every thing is ok. The couple that are the main characters getting married are really cute. When I grow up I hope I have a beautiful wedding like they are going to have. This is one of my favorite shows

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