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    I remember seeing a TV-series I think was Australian or Canadian in television in the early 90's

    I remember it was a young boy/teenager who won a competition and the prize was to choose whatever he wanted from a mysterious shop in the same town he lived in. I have slight memories that the town was near the ocean or the sea, but not confirmed.

    When in the shop he discovers a strange pin sort of thing (you know like these:, but dont mind the pictures on these though, just examples ^^. Might as well have looked like the old toy fashion "Pogs" ( The top of the pogs/pin-thing had a kaleidoscope-like surface, sparkling-looking like some of the pogs in the top part of the picture.

    Anyway, I have a slight memory that this thing he won from the shop teleported him to a different dimension or world. Then I cant remember anything more I am sorry.

    So if anyone has a clue to what the name of this show could be I would be very happy since the television channel who once broadcasted this wont help me with this. I am sorry for the very vague memory of this but I hope it might helpsomehow. The most memory parts of this comes from the pog/pin-like thing as mentioned above.

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