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Forums: International: Para Pente - Mega Channel (Greece)

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    [1]Feb 19, 2007
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    This is a comedy series of five characters (pente = five which alludes to the title) that try to solve a 30 year-old murder case and stumble upon many other comic mishappenings... behind the case are very powerful people who are always very close to catching them and killing them (para = nearly, para pente means Nick of TimeĀ  which also alludes to the title). They always seem to get rescued by a "deus ex machina" character, who is an angel.....

    Very Original, Very Funny
    Maybe the best greek sitcom of all time..
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    siga to para pente re file...
    de sigkrinetai e kamia xeni paragogi
    ase pou exei ginei kourastiko
    i kaliteri elliniki seira einai to "eisai to tairi mou" me diafora!!

    TESPA...apopseis einai auta

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