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    I have been working on an (Electric Powered) Self Rotating Wing.I have built a Prototype which works well.But, I have given some thought to making an acc. for (Small Electric) cars.The vehicle could be Driven in and out of the Unit!It would power the wing motors and (Fly by Wire)controls.It could unplug and Drive off.The unit could then be Stored away until needed?This is a Very Green and Quiet Machine.This way you could take advantage of all the Comforts,Safety Features and Technology allready in the Vehicle. Hope you take an Interest in it.It could work on many differant Electric Cars.I personally think Todays Heli's are (Dislecsic). I have been Flying since I was about 12.and have a Student pilots licence for both High and Low wing Aircraft with over 200hrs. logged in! I built a nice Trike ounce.It had an Elderado Drive Train 501c.i.But, this will Help the Planet with it's pollution Problems.Not to mention Road Rage!So (Roll Over Sigorski)and let me give you the News p.s. Take this Ball and Run with it.You could make this Happen?It's a simple build.With contacts similar to a Car Steering Wheel Horn contacts. One more thing.I wish you did'nt use such a Nice Elcamino to wreck.My Buddy has one you should have used. Thanks Charlie pss I have changed the Direction of Rotation.Allowing me to use stock rotation and props. on both sides with equal and most efficiante Airflow!

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