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  • Today, Oct 25
  • Wednesday, Oct 26
  • Thursday, Oct 27
  • Friday, Oct 28
  • Saturday, Oct 29
  • Sunday, Oct 30
  • Monday, Oct 31
  • Tuesday, Nov 1
  • Wednesday, Nov 2
  • Thursday, Nov 3
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  • Program
  • Wed, oct 268:30AM
    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
    The Invasion
  • Wed, oct 261:00PM
    Rabbids Invasion
    Flying Rabbids; Voodoo Rabbid; Animal Rabbid
  • Wed, oct 261:30PM
    Rabbids Invasion
    Rabbidstein; Anti-Grabbidy; Rabbid Dummy
  • Wed, oct 262:00PM
    Rabbids Invasion
    Odd Rabbid Out; Rabbid on Repeat; Rabbid Real-Estate Rampage
  • Wed, oct 262:30PM
    Rabbids Invasion
    Music Rabbid; Wake Up, Rabbids!; R.C. Rabbid
  • Wed, oct 264:30PM
    Rabbids Invasion
    Two Rabbids in Orbit; Rabbid Remote; Rabbid School
  • Thursday, October 27
  • Thu, oct 274:00PM
    Rabbids Invasion
    Helpful Rabbid; Time Travel Rabbids; Excalirabbid
  • Thu, oct 274:30PM
    Rabbids Invasion
    An Intruder Among the Rabbids; Buddy Rabbids; Rabbid Stage Coach
  • Friday, October 28
  • Fri, oct 284:00PM
    Rabbids Invasion
    Rabbidocchio; Rabbid Test N°98003-c: The Cube; Rabbids With Fleas
  • Fri, oct 284:30PM
    Rabbids Invasion
    Rabbid Parasol; Rabbid Tummy Rumble; Rabbid's Rules of Order
  • Saturday, October 29
  • Sat, oct 293:30PM
    Invader ZIM
    Invasion of the Idiot Dog Brain; Bad, Bad Rubber Piggy
  • Sat, oct 296:00PM
    Rabbids Invasion
    Vampire Rabbid; Rabbid Halloween; Zombie Rabbid
  • Sunday, October 30
  • Sun, oct 305:35AM
    Avatar: The Last Airbender
    The Day of Black Sun: The Invasion
  • Monday, October 31
  • 114
    Mon, oct 316:00AM
    Doctor Who
    The Zygon Invasion
    Also on channel 930
  • Tuesday, November 1
  • 45
    Tue, nov 112:00PM
    Grey's Anatomy
    Also on channel 835
  • 825
    Tue, nov 13:00PM
    Home Invasion
  • Wednesday, November 2
  • H&I
    Wed, nov 28:30AM
    Have Gun, Will Travel
    The Invasion
    Also on channel 557
  • Thursday, November 3
  • 114
    Thu, nov 39:00AM
    Doctor Who
    The Zygon Invasion
    Also on channel 930
  • 173
    Thu, nov 34:00PM
    Invasion of the Gold Digger
    Also on channel 865