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  • Today, Oct 17
  • Wednesday, Oct 18
  • Thursday, Oct 19
  • Friday, Oct 20
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  • Tue, oct 179:00AM
    The Shannara Chronicles
  • Tue, oct 1710:00AM
    Tami Roman
  • Tue, oct 1710:30AM
    Ridic Remix
  • Tue, oct 1711:00AM
    The Real Housewives of Dallas
    A Mouthful in Mexico
  • Tue, oct 1712:00PM
    Mexican Standoff
  • Tue, oct 171:00PM
    Strange Bedfellows
  • Tue, oct 172:00PM
    Devious Maids
  • Tue, oct 173:00PM
    Beauty and the Beast
    Beast Interrupted
  • Tue, oct 174:00PM
    Blue's Clues
    Blue's Songtime
  • Tue, oct 174:30PM
    Blue's Clues
    Adventures in Art
  • Tue, oct 175:00PM
    My Friends Tigger & Pooh
    Tigger Cleans House; Sleuth Buster
  • Tue, oct 175:30PM
    My Friends Tigger & Pooh
    Roo's Pebble in the Pond; Darby's Super Sleuth
  • Tue, oct 176:00PM
    Play With Me Sesame
  • Tue, oct 176:30PM
    Play with Me Sesame
  • Tue, oct 177:00PM
    Sesame Street
  • Tue, oct 178:00PM
    Sofia the First
    Bad Little Dragon
  • Tue, oct 178:30PM
    Bianca Gets Creative
  • Tue, oct 179:00PM
    Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
    Goofy the Great
  • Tue, oct 179:30PM
    Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
    Mickey's Handy Helpers
  • Tue, oct 1710:00PM
    Sheriff Callie's Wild West
    Ella Sneaks a Peek; Tunnel of Trouble
  • Tue, oct 1710:30PM
    Sheriff Callie's Wild West
    Stagecoach to Yonderville; The Wild Brunch
  • Tue, oct 1711:00PM
    Guess How Much I Love You
    Four Seasons
  • Tue, oct 1711:15PM
    Guess How Much I Love You
  • Tue, oct 1711:30PM
    Guess How Much I Love You
    I Promise
  • Tue, oct 1711:45PM
    Guess How Much I Love You
  • Wednesday, October 18
  • Wed, oct 1812:00AM
    The Adventures of Paddington Bear
    A Sticky Time; Corporal Paddington; Paddington Buys a Share
  • Wed, oct 1812:30AM
    The Adventures of Paddington Bear
    Paddington Takes a Cut; Anchors Away; Paddington Passes Through
  • Wed, oct 181:00AM
    Sesame Street
  • Wed, oct 182:00AM
    Transformers Prime
    Con Job
  • Wed, oct 182:30AM
    Star Wars Rebels
    Gathering Forces
  • Wed, oct 183:00AM
    Girl vs. Monster
  • Wed, oct 184:30AM
    Lab Rats: Bionic Island
    Bionic Houseparty
  • Wed, oct 185:00AM
    Good Luck Charlie
    Teddy's Choice
  • Wed, oct 185:30AM
    Crash & Bernstein
    Monster Crash
  • Wed, oct 186:00AM
    The Voice
  • Wed, oct 187:00AM
    This Is Us
  • Wed, oct 188:00AM
    Kevin (Probably) Saves the World
    Sweet Little Lies
  • Wed, oct 189:00AM
    If Loving You Is Wrong
    A Taste of Freedom
  • Wed, oct 1810:00AM
    The Real Housewives of Orange County
    Farm-to-Table Manner
  • Wed, oct 1811:00AM
    Love & Hip Hop Hollywood
    Got Swag?
  • Wed, oct 1812:00PM
    Timber Creek Lodge
    Not My First Hall Pass
  • Wed, oct 181:00PM
    Once Upon a Time
    Good Form
  • Wed, oct 182:00PM
    All In
  • Wed, oct 183:00PM
    Rusty Cage, Pt. 2
  • Wed, oct 183:30PM
    Never Ever, Pt. 1
  • Wed, oct 184:00PM
    Go, Diego, Go!
    Save the Sea Turtles
  • Wed, oct 184:30PM
    Go, Diego, Go!
    Baby Jaguar to the Rescue
  • Wed, oct 185:00PM
    The Backyardigans
    The Snow Fort
  • Wed, oct 185:30PM
    The Backyardigans
    Viking Voyage
  • Wed, oct 186:00PM
    Babar and the Adventures of Badou
    Fu Finder; The Needle Noggin
  • Wed, oct 186:30PM
    Babar and the Adventures of Badou
    Smelling Strong; Rhudi's Rhinoteers
  • Wed, oct 187:00PM
    Sesame Street
    Camping Show
  • Wed, oct 188:00PM
    Blaze and the Monster Machines
    Catch That Cake!
  • Wed, oct 188:30PM
    Zack & Quack
    Pop-Up Moon Mission; Popping Hopping Hiccup
  • Wed, oct 189:00PM
    Franklin and Friends
    Franklin in the Stars; Franklin and Sam
  • Wed, oct 189:30PM
    Franklin and Friends
    Franklin's Spaceship; Franklin and the Missing Monarch Mystery
  • Wed, oct 1810:00PM
    Henry Hugglemonster
    The Henry Show; Mega Bouncers
  • Wed, oct 1810:30PM
    Henry Hugglemonster
    Bye Bye Beckett; Pet Party
  • Wed, oct 1811:00PM
    The Adventures of Chuck & Friends
    Where There's a Wheel; Flower Power
  • Wed, oct 1811:30PM
    The Adventures of Chuck & Friends
    Chuck-Atomic; Chuck's Big Break
  • Thursday, October 19
  • Thu, oct 1912:00AM
    Blaze and the Monster Machines
    Trouble at the Truck Wash
  • Thu, oct 1912:30AM
    Blaze and the Monster Machines
    Zeg and the Egg
  • Thu, oct 191:00AM
    Sesame Street
  • Thu, oct 192:00AM
    The 7D
    Giggleberries; Jollyball Anyone?
  • Thu, oct 192:30AM
    Jimmy Two Shoes
    You Can't Keep a Heinous Down; Terrific Trio
  • Thu, oct 193:00AM
    Fred 2: Night of the Living Fred
  • Thu, oct 194:30AM
    Liv and Maddie: Cali Style
  • Thu, oct 195:00AM
    Henry Danger
    Balloons of Doom
  • Thu, oct 195:30AM
    Lab Rats: Bionic Island
    Human Eddy
  • Thu, oct 196:00AM
    Modern Family
    Sex, Lies & Kickball
  • Thu, oct 196:30AM
    Elder. Scam.
  • Thu, oct 197:00AM
    Bleeding War
  • Thu, oct 198:00AM
    It Ain't Over
  • Thu, oct 199:00AM
    Queen Sugar
  • Thu, oct 1910:00AM
    Love & Hip Hop Atlanta
    Grapes of Wrath
  • Thu, oct 1911:00AM
    Basketball Wives LA
  • Thu, oct 1912:00PM
    The Pec Whisperer
  • Thu, oct 191:00PM
    The Haves and the Have Nots
  • Thu, oct 192:00PM
    If Loving You Is Wrong
    The Party Just Arrived
  • Thu, oct 193:00PM
    Hart of Dixie
    Where I Lead Me
  • Thu, oct 194:00PM
    Blue's Clues
    Blue Goes to the Beach
  • Thu, oct 194:30PM
    Blue's Clues
    Pretend Time
  • Thu, oct 195:00PM
    Team Doki's Bike Challenge; Doki's Desert Discovery
  • Thu, oct 195:30PM
    The Sky's the Limit; The Nutcracker? Sweet!
  • Thu, oct 196:00PM
    Pinky Dinky Doo
    Boom! Sonic Boom!; Pinky the Pet
  • Thu, oct 196:30PM
    Pinky Dinky Doo
    Guppy Training Day; Pinky and the Babysitter
  • Thu, oct 197:00PM
    Sesame Street
  • Thu, oct 198:00PM
    Captain Jake and the Never Land Pirates
    Captain Hook's Last Stand!
  • Thu, oct 198:30PM
    Blaze and the Monster Machines
  • Thu, oct 199:00PM
    Handy Manny
    Special Delivery; Elliot's New Job
  • Thu, oct 199:30PM
    Handy Manny
    Manny's Makeover; A Singing Salon
  • Thu, oct 1910:00PM
    Spooky Buddies
  • Thu, oct 1911:30PM
    Toot's Tall Tale; Wilson's Icy Escapade
  • Friday, October 20
  • Fri, oct 2012:00AM
    Podball, Enter the Ditzies
  • Fri, oct 2012:30AM
    Imagination Movers
  • Fri, oct 201:00AM
    Imagination Movers
    Haunted Halloween
  • Fri, oct 201:30AM
    Hotel Transylvania
  • Fri, oct 203:05AM
    Hotel Transylvania 2
  • Fri, oct 204:35AM
    Game Shakers
    The One With the Coffee Shop
  • Fri, oct 205:00AM
    Gamer's Guide to Pretty Much Everything
  • Fri, oct 205:30AM
  • Fri, oct 206:00AM
    The Goldbergs
    Revenge O' The Nerds
  • Fri, oct 206:30AM
  • Fri, oct 207:00AM
    Chapter Fifteen: Nighthawks
  • Fri, oct 208:00AM
    Spit It Out
  • Fri, oct 209:00AM
    Growing Up Supermodel
    Daddy Issues