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  • Today, Jan 18
  • Saturday, Jan 19
  • Sunday, Jan 20
  • Monday, Jan 21
  • Tuesday, Jan 22
  • Wednesday, Jan 23
  • Thursday, Jan 24
  • Friday, Jan 25
  • Saturday, Jan 26
  • Sunday, Jan 27
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  • Fri, jan 188:00PM
    Soundbreaking: Stories From the Cutting Edge of Recorded Music
    Going Electric
  • Fri, jan 189:00PM
    NHL Hockey
    Pittsburgh Penguins at Arizona Coyotes
  • Fri, jan 1811:30PM
  • Saturday, January 19
  • Sat, jan 1912:00AM
    ET Weekend
  • Sat, jan 191:00AM
    Escape From Nazi Alcatraz
  • Sat, jan 192:00AM
    NCIS: New Orleans
  • Sat, jan 193:00AM
    Hawaii Five-0
    Ka No'eau (The Painter)
  • Sat, jan 194:00AM
    ABC World News Tonight with David Muir
  • Sat, jan 194:30AM
    Washington Week
  • Sat, jan 195:00AM
  • Sat, jan 196:00AM
    The Big Reveal
  • Sat, jan 197:00AM
    Gasoline Drum
  • Sat, jan 198:00AM
    Star Trek
  • Sat, jan 199:00AM
    Kickin' It
  • Sat, jan 1910:00AM
  • Sat, jan 1911:00AM
    The Blacklist
    Ruslan Denisov
  • Sat, jan 1912:00PM
    Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
    Gone Fishin'
  • Sat, jan 191:00PM
  • Sat, jan 192:00PM
    The Big Reveal
  • Sat, jan 193:00PM
    Gasoline Drum
  • Sat, jan 194:00PM
    America's News HQ
  • Sat, jan 195:00PM
    Washington Week
  • Sat, jan 195:30PM
    Defense News Weekly
  • Sat, jan 196:00PM
    The Entertainers
  • Sat, jan 197:00PM
    In Touch with Dr. Charles Stanley
  • Sat, jan 197:30PM
    Creflo Dollar
  • Sat, jan 198:00PM
    Time of Grace
  • Sat, jan 198:30PM
    Battle Ready
  • Sat, jan 199:00PM
    Worship Anew 1959
  • Sat, jan 199:30PM
    Aleph Beta
  • Sat, jan 199:40PM
    Aleph Beta
  • Sat, jan 1910:00PM
  • Sat, jan 1910:30PM
  • Sat, jan 1911:00PM
    Mountain Men
    The Gauntlet
  • Sunday, January 20
  • Sun, jan 2012:00AM
    TMZ Sports Weekend
  • Sun, jan 201:00AM
    Mysteries at the Museum
    Italian Sherlock Holmes, King of the Airwaves and Texan Takes Moscow
  • Sun, jan 202:00AM
    Finding Your Roots With Henry Louis Gates Jr.
    Mystery Men
  • Sun, jan 203:00AM
    Eli Roth's History of Horror
    Killer Creatures
  • Sun, jan 204:00AM
    Hiring America
  • Sun, jan 204:30AM
    Defense News Weekly
  • Sun, jan 205:00AM
    Wilderness + Training + Survival
  • Sun, jan 206:00AM
    Hawaii Five-0
    Ke Iho Mai Nei Ko Luna (Those Above Are Descending)
  • Sun, jan 207:00AM
    Blue Bloods
  • Sun, jan 208:00AM
    Saturday Night Live
  • Sun, jan 209:30AM
  • Sun, jan 2010:30AM
    Family Guy
    Encyclopedia Griffin
  • Sun, jan 2011:00AM
    The Good Wife
    Oppo Research
  • Sun, jan 2012:00PM
    Criminal Minds
    A Beautiful Disaster
  • Sun, jan 201:00PM
    Wilderness + Training + Survival
  • Sun, jan 202:00PM
    Hawaii Five-0
    Ke Iho Mai Nei Ko Luna (Those Above Are Descending)
  • Sun, jan 203:00PM
    Blue Bloods
  • Sun, jan 204:00PM
    Good Morning America
  • Sun, jan 205:00PM
    This Week With George Stephanopoulos
  • Sun, jan 206:00PM
    The View
  • Sun, jan 207:00PM
    GMA Day
  • Sun, jan 208:00PM
    Rachael Ray
  • Sun, jan 209:00PM
    Dr. Phil
  • Sun, jan 2010:00PM
    The Dr. Oz Show
  • Sun, jan 2011:00PM
    The Young and the Restless
  • Monday, January 21
  • Mon, jan 2112:00AM
    General Hospital
  • Mon, jan 211:00AM
    Days of Our Lives
  • Mon, jan 212:00AM
    The Bold and the Beautiful
  • Mon, jan 212:30AM
    Page Six TV
  • Mon, jan 213:00AM
    Wheel of Fortune
  • Mon, jan 213:30AM
  • Mon, jan 214:00AM
  • Mon, jan 214:30AM
    Family Feud
  • Mon, jan 215:00AM
    God Friended Me
    The Good Samaritan
  • Mon, jan 216:00AM
    Magnum P.I.
    Winner Takes All
  • Mon, jan 217:00AM
    Madam Secretary
    The Chaos Game
  • Mon, jan 218:00AM
    The Daily Show With Trevor Noah
  • Mon, jan 218:30AM
    The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
  • Mon, jan 219:30AM
    The Late Show With Stephen Colbert
  • Mon, jan 2110:30AM
    Jimmy Kimmel Live
  • Mon, jan 2111:30AM
    Late Night With Seth Meyers
  • Mon, jan 2112:30PM
    The Late Late Show With James Corden
  • Mon, jan 211:30PM
    2 Broke Girls
    And the Grate Expectations
  • Mon, jan 212:00PM
    2 Broke Girls
    And the Disappointing Unit
  • Mon, jan 212:30PM
    Busy Tonight
  • Mon, jan 213:00PM
    CNN Newsroom Live
  • Mon, jan 214:00PM
    Good Morning America
  • Mon, jan 216:00PM
    The View
  • Mon, jan 217:00PM
    GMA Day
  • Mon, jan 218:00PM
    Rachael Ray