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  • Today, Jul 5
  • Monday, Jul 6
  • Tuesday, Jul 7
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  • Friday, Jul 10
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  • Monday, Jul 13
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  • Sun, jul 51:00AM
  • Sun, jul 53:15AM
    Cleopatra Jones
  • Sun, jul 54:45AM
    Cleopatra Jones and the Casino of Gold
  • Sun, jul 56:30AM
    A Family Affair
  • Sun, jul 57:45AM
    Strike Up the Band
  • Sun, jul 510:00AM
    The Band Wagon
  • Sun, jul 512:00PM
    The Best Years of Our Lives
  • Sun, jul 53:00PM
    The Misfits
  • Sun, jul 55:15PM
    West Side Story
  • Sun, jul 58:00PM
    Duck Soup
  • Sun, jul 59:30PM
    The Great Dictator
  • Monday, July 6
  • Mon, jul 612:00AM
    The Thanhouser Studio and the Birth of American Cinema
  • Mon, jul 61:00AM
    The Cry of the Children
  • Mon, jul 61:25AM
    The Evidence of the Film
  • Mon, jul 61:50AM
    Petticoat Camp
  • Mon, jul 62:15AM
    Donkey Skin
  • Mon, jul 64:00AM
    The Universe of Jacques Demy
  • Mon, jul 66:00AM
    Some of the Best
  • Mon, jul 67:00AM
    The Romance of Rosy Ridge
  • Mon, jul 69:00AM
    If Winter Comes
  • Mon, jul 610:45AM
    The Doctor and the Girl
  • Mon, jul 612:30PM
    Holiday Affair
  • Mon, jul 62:15PM
    That Forsyte Woman
  • Mon, jul 64:15PM
    Two Tickets to Broadway
  • Mon, jul 66:15PM
    Pete Kelly's Blues
  • Mon, jul 68:00PM
    Little Miss Marker
  • Mon, jul 69:30PM
    Now and Forever
  • Mon, jul 611:00PM
    Bright Eyes
  • Tuesday, July 7
  • Tue, jul 712:30AM
    Curly Top
  • Tue, jul 72:00AM
    Poor Little Rich Girl
  • Tue, jul 73:30AM
    Journey for Margaret
  • Tue, jul 75:00AM
    Father's Son
  • Tue, jul 76:00AM
    The Toll of the Sea
  • Tue, jul 77:00AM
    The Viking
  • Tue, jul 78:30AM
    Doctor X
  • Tue, jul 710:00AM
    The Mystery of the Wax Museum
  • Tue, jul 711:30AM
    Nothing Sacred
  • Tue, jul 71:00PM
    A Star Is Born
  • Tue, jul 73:00PM
    Wings of the Morning
  • Tue, jul 74:30PM
    The Adventures of Robin Hood
  • Tue, jul 76:15PM
    The Adventures of Tom Sawyer
  • Tue, jul 78:00PM
    The Garden of Allah
  • Tue, jul 79:30PM
    The Thief of Bagdad
  • Tue, jul 711:30PM
    The Red Shoes
  • Wednesday, July 8
  • Wed, jul 82:00AM
    This Happy Breed