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    • JustinJohnson9 Sep 13, 2013

      I couldn't have asked for a better. A great finale for a great show. Honestly I'll probably be in the minority,, but I can't recall one episode of Burn Notice I didn't like. Although Maddie was the one to die, like I figured, it was still very emotional to watch. I Love the way she went out: protecting her family and with a BANG!!! Heck, she even got to smoke a cigarette!! RIP Madeleine Westen. I'll definitely miss you.

      The episode itself had everything going for it, and to me, it totally delivered. I was on the edge of my seat the entire time, from the choice Michael made to shoot Sonya, right up until the episode revealed that Michael and Fiona miraculously managed to make it out of that exploding building (Man, that was a hell of an explosion lol!!). I'll admit that I feel a little bad James had to die, given he was a good guy with questionable methods, but rather him than Michael.

      Michael: Pretty much one of the bravest characters I've ever seen on television. I am so glad he survived, and he somehow managed to do it side-by-side with the woman he loves. He puts everyone else's safety above his own EVERY TIME!!! There is no middle ground with him when it comes to casualties, and I love that about his character. He more than deserved a happy life (or anything close to it), and like he said: he owed the CIA nothing!!! Well, at least they had the decency to put his star on the wall. That's about the only good thing they did for him in seven seasons. No worries though. I'm just happy he's done with that for good!!!

      Fiona: I figured they'd get back together, but MAN, did she work her ass off for this one. I've always considered her a ride-or-die chick, and she totally proved it in this finale. She's hands down the bravest girlfriend I've ever seen on screen. Seven seasons and never once have I questioned her loyalty to Michael. She would've taken a bullet for Michael on a number of occasions, just in this episode alone. You go girl!!! Soooo glad they got back together in the end.

      Sam: What more can I say about Sam Axe. Loyal friend to the end, a good guy to his core, and has an unusual amount of buddies and friends that I've never questioned because, honestly, I didn't care for any kind of answer. Given what I've seen him do for Michael over these past seven seasons, I can easily understand why. He was the one constant source of humor in this show, and most of the time, he had me ROTFL!!!

      Jesse: He earned his keep with Michael, Sam and Fiona on numerous occasions, so he's always been cool with me. I absolutely loved his speech about finally finding a family amidst the chaos he's been through with these three, especially after he was burned. It's a shame that it was taken from him the way it happened, but he definitely came back with a vengeance!!! I've been a fan of him since he first appeared in season four. Good man!!

      Madeleine: Well, practically their den mother. She operated well behind the scenes, and never let me forget how important she's been these past seven seasons. Sometimes, its the little things that make the biggest difference, and sacrificing herself for the greater good of her family like that was extremely emotional to watch. Like i said, I picked her as the one to go, but it didn't make it any easier.

      Well It's been fun Burn Notice. The Westen voice-over is something I'll never forget. So informational lol!!! Well done, Matt Nix!! You kept me entertained for seven straight years with this show.

    • efonsecajr Oct 02, 2013

      I enjoyed the series finale as well. Had everything that made Burn Notice what it is. Action, explosions, heart, scenery, family/friends, spy lessons.

    • JustinJohnson9 Sep 13, 2013

      Oh yeah, loved the shoutouts to the pilot episode by Fiona and Sam
      Fiona: "So, should we shoot them?"
      Sam: "You know spies, a bunch of bitchy little girls!

    • DavidJackson8 Sep 13, 2013

      Hehe, I liked that too.

    • slayme3 Sep 13, 2013

      and of course "My name is Michael Westen, I used to be a spy" from the opening credits. But yeah, those lines were great - I'm so glad Matt threw those in there bringing the show full circle. Good catch.