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    • Fergy1 Nov 30, 2013

      Red, Ressler, Liz, Garrick, Dembe and even Cooper stepped it up several notches.

      Tom is still too perfect! He NEVER gets mad, even when his wife had him arrested and interrogated. That guy is up to something!

      My theory is that the girl in the VICAP system is Red's daughter that he flashed back to playing in the yard at his family home. She is a violent criminal now. I also believe Liz is his daughter with a mistress. I think his plan is to use the "good daughter" to save the "criminal daughter" and bringing down the Blacklist is part of that plan.

      The preview on TV for part 2 show Red being tortured. I am not happy about that. Yes he is a criminal and yes he has killed people, but he only kills people in self defense or defense of others. And he has been portrayed as a passionate person who once was good and turned criminal after some heinous event. Like the parable of the farmer in the stewmaker episode. So we have all come to love him and now we have to watch him be tortured. I am sure Lizzie is going to find him and save him (presumably by the chip in his neck, if Anslo hasn't figured that out).

      They are saying there will be a twist you didn't see coming so brace yourself for another OMG...WTH moment. :-) Maybe the VICAP girl will make her appearance at the end and that will be the fall season cliff hanger?