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    • MrToohip Nov 26, 2013

      This was the best episode of TV I've seen this season! Wow! The forty minutes just flew by. If this Garrick asshole is only number 16 on the list, I don't know if I want to see the top 15! Great casting choice in Richie Coster. Now that's a freaking villain. When he executed Red's Asian lady friend and her blood splattered on the door. Geez! And now Dembay may be dead.

      I couldn't take my eyes off of James Spader. Even went he was out of focus and in the background, I watched him and listened to the other characters. Diego Klattenhoff was marvelous, as well. He reminded me of Freddy Neuwendyk lying gut-shot in the garage in Reservoir Dogs. Great performances all round.

      If NBC and the producers of The Blacklist wanted our attention, they got it. How many more sleeps until next Monday?

    • xubxerox Nov 26, 2013

      Yeah, and Lizzy goes badass and shoots a guy in the back of the head? She kicked it up a notch as well and tried to go all "Die Hard" on that Garrick guy.

      What I wondered, Red's bodyguards..... they really sucked at their job. I sort of expected them to make an impact on the "good guys front". But they didn't have very much to do in all those episodes except to open doors for Red - so they might as well get rid of them....

      Best episode of Blacklist so far. IMHO.

    • MrToohip Nov 26, 2013

      The price for complacency. It happens all the time. I agree, kick-ass episode.