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    • peterspoor33 Nov 26, 2013

      This show just jumped a gear,

      Loved how Red was immediately aware that the FBI had been played (Spader letting us see the gears turning), everything we've taken for granted about the team and characters put at risk, his wistful speech (although written hammy) given such heartfelt and weighted delivery by Spader.

      Bressler/Katenhoff outside the he-man role and got to show vulnerability physically and emotionally when we get a glimpse of how his life may have been without his dedication and hunt for Reddington.

      The Director and the CIA agent showing the balls to wall guts we knew they had and love them for.

      Even Lizzy/Boone had me completely absorbed for once as she spider-monkeyed her way around the Die Hard siege situation and seemed almost in her element (making me a little guilty for my earlier criticism of her less affecting scenes)

      Whoah, what an intimidating and thoroughly great villain, his methods are crude, violent and destructive even Red seemed to cut back on the quick witticisms in his presence, I'd be nervous too if his scarred head was knocking on the glass like a shark on the outside of a fish tank I was trapped in. He was also a genuine threat as we all witnessed unlike so many fangless villains (looking at you Hostages) that never harm important characters. (maybe call it the Spooks effect) What a cliffhanger ending! I'm shrieking at the TV, you don't need my approval but... Bravo... Blacklist...Bravo!!!