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    • Tomm_john Nov 20, 2013

      I'm hoping with this being a JJ Abrams production that Carter isn't really dead, but if we recall the history of the show the producers wanted to go in "another direction" with the show marginalizing her role. I believe when the cast was on the cover of TV Guide or some big magazine she wasn't included. I thought they got passed that but maybe not. If she's truly gone the show won't be the same. I Ike the other women on the show but I LOVE Carter and her interaction the John. And it won't be the last time producers, writers and executives have messed up their own show.

    • ddstephens Nov 20, 2013

      I loved Carter also, but they really killed off her character, The actress who played her said she is really dead in a interview she done. I will miss her. She said she may be written in on a flashback but she says there is no plans to do so at this time. So it was a sad epi. Carter was one of my favorites on this show. Now John is going to go ape s&%t,