Released 1991

Director: Oliver Stone (I)

Rating: R

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  • JFK is Oliver Stone's epic film about the 1963 assassination of President John F. Kennedy in Dallas and the subsequent suspicions of New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison that the White House and the FBI - and others - are withholding information about the shooting from the American people. Garrison's lengthy investigations seem to reveal a supposed conspiratorial connection between Secret Service, the FBI and shadowy Mafia figures. With twists and turns that force you to re-examine what you think you know about the Kennedy assassination, JFK is a compelling, but controversial, account of a terrible and still-mysterious event.moreless

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  • Cast & Crew
  • Kevin Costner

    Jim Garrison

  • Sissy Spacek

    Liz Garrison

  • Tommy Lee Jones

    Clay Shaw

  • Gary Oldman

    Lee Harvey Oswald

  • Joe Pesci

    David Ferrie

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  • Quotes (7)

    • X: I think it started in the wind...

    • Jim Garrison: I'm sorry this has to end inconveniently for you, but I'm going to have you detained for further questioning by the FBI.
      David Ferrie: Why, what's wrong?
      Jim Garrison: I find your story simply not believable.
      David Ferrie: Really? What part?

    • Bill Broussard: [after hearing Jack Martin's evidence]: It's a terrific yarn, chief, but the man's an obvious alcoholic with a reputation lower than crocodile piss.

    • Dean Andrews: [being grilled by Jim Garrison]: If I answer that question you keep asking me, if I give you the name of the big enchilada, then it's bon voyage, Deano - I mean, like permanent.

    • Clay Shaw: You really have me consorting with a cast of sordid characters, don't you, Mr. Garrison?

    • Jim Garrison: The generals who sent Dreyfus to Devil's Island were among the most honourable men in France. The men who killed Caesar were among the most honourable men in Rome. And the men who killed Kennedy, no doubt, were honourable men. I believe we have reached a time in our country similar to what life must've been like under Hitler, except we don't realise it because fascism in our country takes the benign disguise of liberal democracy.

    • Jim Garrison: Fascism will come, Huey Long once said, in the name of anti-Fascism. It will come in the name of your security - they call it "National Security", it will come with the mass media manipulating a clever concentration camp of the mind.

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    Notes (3)

    • The film won 2 Academy Awards for Best Cinematography and Best Film Editing.

    • Domestically, JFK was the 17th most successful movie of 1991.

    • JFK took a worldwide gross of $205,405,498.

    Trivia (2)

    • Lolita Davidovich's appearance in two important scenes was uncredited.

    • The real Jim Garrison appears briefly in this film, playing his real-life enemy, Chief Justice Earl Warren, whose report he challenged. Garrison had earlier had a small acting role (playing a judge) in the 1986 thriller,The Big Easy. He died in 1992, less than a year after JFK was released.

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