The Karate Kid

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Notes (6)

  • Production Budget - $8,000,000
    Domestic Gross - $90,815,558 (5th)

    Domestic Adjusted for 2013 - $220,552,069

  • Other production companies:
    Jerry Weintraub Productions
    Delphi Films

  • Filming locations include:
    North Hollywood, Los Angeles, California
    Reseda, Los Angeles, California
    Encino, Los Angeles, California
    Los Angeles, California
    Calabasas, California
    Sedona, Arizona
    Woodland Hills, Los Angeles, California
    Norwalk, California
    Malibu, California
    Sedona, Arizona
    Phoenix, Arizona

  • Taglines:
    1. He taught him the secret to Karate lies in the mind and heart. Not in the hands.
    2. Only the 'Old One' could teach him the secrets of the masters.

  • Music:
    (Bop Bop) On the Beach
    Written by Mike Love
    Performed by The Flirts and Jan & Dean
    Tough Love
    Written by Shandi and Toni Stern
    Performed by Shandi
    Written by Andy Gill and Jon King
    Performed by Gang of Four
    No Shelter
    Written by John Mark and Richard Fenton
    Performed by Broken Edge
    Courtesy of Polygram Records, Inc.
    Please Answer Me
    Written by John Mark and Richard Fenton
    Rhythem Man
    Written by M. St. Regis, G. St. Regis, J. Peters, R. Adams, A. Flashman, A. Hutt and G. Challen
    Performed by St. Regis
    Feel the Night
    Music by Bill Conti
    Lyrics by Baxter Robertson
    Performed by Baxter Robertson
    You're the Best
    Music by Bill Conti
    Lyrics by Allee Willis
    Performed by Joe Esposito
    Young Hearts
    Written by Dave Merenda
    Produced by Dave Merenda and Brooks Arthur
    Performed by Commuter
    The Ride
    Written by Geoffrey & Sam Rose
    Performed by Matches
    Cruel Summer
    Written by Tony Swain, Steve Jolley, Keren Woodward, Sara Dallin and Siobhan Fahey
    Performed by Bananarama

  • Academy Awards Nominations:
    1. Supporting Actor - Pat Morita (won by Haing S. Ngor)