2014 TV Season Finale Dates: Here's a Handy List of When All Your Favorite Shows Are Signing Off (UPDATED)

By Jen Trolio

Mar 26, 2014

Between the upcoming wave of late-midseason premieres (look for an updated list of those soon) and the TV networks' ongoing season finale and summer scheduling announcements, my Yoga Kittens calendar is covered in Sharpie and my Trapper Keeper is full of Post-Its and my iCal keeps crashing and it's just dates dates dates everywhere! So, to help all of us stay a little more organized, I've compiled a chronological list of the season and series finales that are scheduled to air over the next couple months. Bookmark it now and check back often—I'll keep it updated as new dates are announced.  

Note: If a show isn't listed, it's because it doesn't yet have a confirmed finale date. 

Monday, March 24

Switched at Birth (Season 3A finale, 8pm, ABC Family)

The Fosters (Season 1 finale, 9pm, ABC Family)

Teen Wolf (Season 3 finale, 10pm, MTV)

Tuesday, March 25

Brooklyn Nine-Nine (Season 1 finale, 9:30pm, Fox)

Kroll Show (Season 2 finale, 10:30pm, Comedy Central)

Wednesday, March 26

Psych (Series finale, 9pm, USA)

Duck Dynasty (Season 5 finale, 10pm, A&E)

Broad City (Season 1 finale, 10:30pm, Comedy Central)

Friday, March 28

Helix (Season 1 finale, 10pm, Syfy)

Sunday, March 30

The Walking Dead (Season 4 finale, 9pm, AMC)

Monday, March 31

How I Met Your Mother (One-hour series finale, 8pm, CBS)

Intelligence (Season 1 finale, 10pm, CBS)

Chozen (Season 1 finale, 10:30pm, FX)

Tuesday, April 1

Twisted (Season 1 finale, 9pm, ABC Family)

Thursday, April 3

Once Upon a Time in Wonderland (Season 1 finale, 8pm, ABC)

The Red Road (Season 1 finale, 9pm, Sundance)

Friday, April 4

Raising Hope (Series finale, 9pm, Fox)

Saturday, April 5

Rake (Two-episode probable series finale, 8pm, Fox)

Sunday, April 6

Shameless (Season 4 finale, 9pm, Showtime)

House of Lies (Season 3 finale, 10pm, Showtime)

Monday, April 7

Bitten (Season 1 finale, 8pm, Syfy)

Being Human (Series finale, 9pm, Syfy)

Lost Girl (Season 4 finale, 10pm, Syfy)

Tuesday, April 8

Justified (Season 5 finale, 10pm, FX)

Friday, April 11

The Neighbors (Season 2 finale, 8:30pm, ABC)

Monday, April 14

Mom (Season 1 finale, 9:30pm, CBS)

Tuesday, April 16

Workaholics (Season 4 finale, 10pm, Comedy Central)

Thursday, April 17

Community (Season 5 finale, 8pm, NBC)

The Crazy Ones (One-hour Season 1 finale, 9pm, CBS)

Parenthood (Season 5 finale, 10pm, NBC)

Scandal (Season 3 finale, 10pm, ABC)

Monday, April 21

Archer (Season 5 finale, 10pm, FX)

Thursday, April 24

Parks and Recreation (One-hour Season 6 finale, 8pm, NBC)

Friday, April 25

Last Man Standing (Season 3 finale, 8pm, ABC)

Monday, April 28

The Following (Season 2 finale, 9pm, Fox)

Thursday, May 1

Vikings (Season 2 finale, 9pm, History)

Sunday, May 4

Resurrection (Season 1 finale, 9pm, ABC)

Monday, May 5

2 Broke Girls (Season 3 finale, 8pm, CBS)

The Tomorrow People (Season 1 Series finale, 9pm, The CW)

Bates Motel (Season 2 finale, 10pm, A&E)

Tuesday, May 6

New Girl (Season 3 finale, 9pm, Fox)

The Mindy Project (Season 2 finale, 9:30pm, Fox)

Wednesday, May 7

CSI (Season 14 finale, 10pm, CBS)

Thursday, May 8

Two and a Half Men (Season 11, 9pm, CBS)

Friday, May 9

Hawaii Five-0 (Season 4 finale, 9pm, CBS)

Blue Bloods (Season 4 finale, 10pm, CBS)

Sunday, May 11

Once Upon a Time (Two-hour Season 3 finale, 8pm, ABC)

Revenge (Season 3 finale, 10pm, ABC)

Monday, May 12

Star-Crossed (Season 1 Series finale, 8pm, The CW)

Castle (Season 6 finale, 10pm, ABC)

The Blacklist (Season 1 finale, 10pm, NBC)

Tuesday, May 13

Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (Season 1 finale, 8pm, ABC)

Glee (Season 5 finale, 8pm, Fox)

NCIS (Season 11 finale, 8pm, CBS)

The Goldbergs (Season 1 finale, 9pm, ABC)

The Originals (Season 1 finale, 9pm, The CW)

NCIS: LA (Season 5 finale, 9pm, CBS)

Trophy Wife (Season 1 Series finale, 9:30pm, ABC)

Person of Interest (Season 3 finale, 10pm, CBS)

Chicago Fire (Season 2 finale, 10pm, NBC)

Wednesday, May 14

Arrow (Season 2 finale, 8pm, The CW)

Suburgatory (Season 3 Series finale, 8:30pm, ABC)

Nashville (Season 2 finale, 10pm, ABC)

Criminal Minds (Season 9 finale, 9pm, CBS)

Legit (Season 2 Series finale, 10pm & 10:30pm, FXX)

Thursday, May 15

The Vampire Diaries (Season 5 finale, 8pm, The CW)

The Big Bang Theory (Season 7 finale, 8pm, CBS)

The Millers (Season 1 finale, 8:30pm, CBS)

Grey's Anatomy (Season 10 finale, 9pm, ABC)

Reign (Season 1 finale, 9pm, The CW)

Surviving Jack (Season 1 Series finale, 9:30pm, Fox)

Elementary (Season 2 finale, 10pm, CBS)

Friday, May 16 

Shark Tank (Season 5 finale, 8pm, ABC)

Hart of Dixie (Season 3 finale, 9pm, The CW)

Grimm (Season 3 finale, 9pm, NBC)

Sunday, May 18

Bob's Burgers (Season 4 finale, 7pm, Fox)

America's Funniest Home Videos (Season 24 finale, 7pm, ABC)

American Dad! (Season 10 finale, 7:30pm, Fox)

The Amazing Race (Season 24 finale, 8pm, CBS)

The Simpsons (Season 25 finale, 8pm, Fox)

Family Guy (Season 12 finale, 8:30pm, Fox)

The Good Wife (Season 5 finale, 9pm, CBS)

The Mentalist (Season 6 finale, 10pm, CBS)

Monday, May 19

Bones (Season 9 finale, 8pm, Fox)

Mike & Molly (Season 4 finale, 9pm, CBS)

Warehouse 13 (Series finale, 9pm, Syfy)

Tuesday, May 20

The Voice (Season 6 finale, 8pm, NBC)

American Idol (Season 13 finale Part 1, 8pm, Fox)

Dancing With the Stars (Season 18 finale, 9pm, ABC)

Supernatural (Season 9 finale, 9pm, The CW)

Wednesday, May 21

Survivor (Two-hour Season 28 finale, 8pm, CBS)

American Idol (Season 13 finale Part 2, 8pm, Fox)

The Middle (One-hour Season 5 finale, 8pm, ABC)

Revolution (Season 2 Series finale, 8pm, NBC)

Modern Family (Season 5 finale, 9pm, ABC)

Law & Order: SVU (Season 15 finale, 9pm, NBC)

Mixology (Season 1 Series finale, 9:30pm, ABC)

Chicago P.D. (Season 1 finale, 10pm, NBC)

The Americans (Season 2 finale, 10pm, FX)

Friday, May 23

Hannibal (Season 2 finale, 10pm, NBC)

Sunday, May 25

Mad Men (Season 7A finale, 10pm, AMC)

Saturday, May 31

Da Vinci's Demons (Season 2 finale, 9pm, Starz)

Sunday, June 1

Silicon Valley (Season 1 finale, 10pm HBO)

Sunday, June 8

COSMOS: A Spacetime Odyssey (Season finale, 9pm, Fox)

Veep (Season 3 finale, 10pm & 10:30pm HBO)

Wednesday, June 11

The 100 (Season 1 finale, 9pm, The CW)

Sunday, June 15

Game of Thrones (Season 4 finale, 9pm, HBO)

Monday, June 16

Louie (Season 4 finale, 10pm & 10:30pm, FX)

We'll continue to update this story with additional finale dates in the coming weeks. If you see one we've missed, share it in the comments!

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    Will there be more updates to this, or are there any sites which have more updated lists of especially SERIES Finales...?

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    Sunday, May 25 last episode of mad men?

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    19 MAY warehouse 13 end?

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    You have two finales listed for Louie. June 16 and 17.

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    Abrams latest TV productions, Revolution, Believe and Almost Human have all been canceled.

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    Bones and Revolution end one week later than you have listed above on 5/19 and 5/21, respectively.

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    Fixed those two. Thanks!

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    Sadly, the Revolution finale is a series finale, no longer a season 2 finale. I'm very sad....

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    This list could use a little updating, especially to clear out those shows which have already aired.
    The Bones finale has been moved to the 19th.

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    Maybe move the aired shows to the end of the list during updates but nice to see those that ended for catch-up purposes.

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    Fargo, The Americans, Mad Men, Game of Thrones, Veep

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