24 Is Low on Time

By Tim Surette

Mar 10, 2010

... 24's clock appears to be ticking away, with this season likely being its last. It's not exactly a surprise, as rumors that the show is concluding for good have been around for some time now. However, a film adaptation that would see Jack Bauer head over to Europe to kick some terrorist ass is still a possibility. [Variety]

... Those lovable guys and dolls from Jersey Shore won't be chilling in the Garden State next season. The second cycle of MTV's reality hit is destined for... Miami. And aside from the bikinis, I can't tell the difference between Miami and Jersey anyway. I'm not sure if that's more of an insult to Miami or New Jersey. But I assure you, it's definitely an insult to both. [Miami Herald]

... Actress Keri Russell, known for J.J. Abrams' spy drama sci-fi epic college drama Felicity, may be returning to television. She's in negotiations to star opposite Will Arnett in the comedy Wilde Kingdom. The show stars Arnett as a "Beverly Hills jackass who falls in love with a charitable tree-hugging woman (Russell)." Only on television! [THR]

... ABC is releasing its Lost Encyclopedia on August 24, which presumably will be filled with all sorts of knowledge related to the hit show. Important stuff like the dimensions of a Dharma jug of ranch dressing, where Charlie was seated on Oceanic 815, and lyrics to Jeronimo Jackson songs. Or you could just check out Lostpedia.com to get the same information. For free. [Amazon]

... My favorite funny lady, Judy Greer, might finally get a shot at her own show, as she's joined the Fox comedy pilot Tax Man. Greer's hilarious, it's as simple as that. I mean, she showed her boobs on Arrested Development and makes sex noises on Archer! Well, it's hilarious when she does it. [THR]

... Jerry O'Connell is actually choosing to star opposite Jim Belushi in the new CBS drama—I repeat, DRAMA—Defenders, about do-gooder lawyers in Las Vegas. This show is officially dead to me. [THR]

... Lie to Me is getting the afterthought treatment over at Fox, and will return this summer. It was initially slated to return this spring, like the rest of the grown-up shows, but the network decided to move it over to the kids' table. Look for it on June 7. [The Wrap]

... Numb3rs' Navi Rawat will be guest-starring on ABC's Castle in an early April episode. She'll play a sexy mummification expert who—wait a second, did I really need to say "sexy"? That's kind of redundant, as all mummification experts are sexy. Must be something about the smell of crusty old cadavers. [TV Guide]

... Conan O'Brien can't go on the air and talk about NBC and Jay Leno and the whole lying thing, but Andy Richter can. And he did. And guess what? He isn't really too fond of NBC or Leno. You go, Andy! [YouTube video below]

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  • hpfan06 Mar 14, 2010

    Now there are reports that NBC might pick up 24 should FOX cancel it.

  • jack_bauer24_69 Mar 12, 2010

    i think they should give 24 it's nine season AND formally anounce that season 9 would be the last so that writers can put everything that they have in the final season, cause season 8 isn't good enough to be the last season of 24

    my second opinion would be selling it to another network, cause i think the show has suffered from the mistakes of those people on fox

  • ethandw Mar 12, 2010

    Judy Greer already had a show - a good show - called Misguided...

  • iamtheyak Mar 11, 2010

    Sorry to burst everyone's bubble but I stopped watching 24 after season 5 or 6. The show has lost so much since its begining. It's becoming increasingly stale.

  • Seduerr Mar 11, 2010

    What I don't get is SmallVille is getting a 10 season and its not a good show and Fox whan't to can 24. 24 is the threed top rating show. there is a facebook page rewen 24.

  • OrSoIThought Mar 11, 2010

    They'd better not kill Lie to Me. These stupid TV execs really irk me sometimes. And will people please get over the Leno thing? Its everywhere I go and all it is is just a bunch of retarded drama.

  • HUSSEIN24 Mar 11, 2010

    24 is the best show in the world and it's get better every season i don't know why the want to cancel it i hope they don't

  • dark7angel Mar 11, 2010

    WHAT?! Lie to me will only return on Summer?!?!! I can't believe it!!! I was desperately wanting for it's return this Spring and now I have to wait 'til Summer!!! I just hope it gets renewed for a new season! Lie to Me is one of the BEST series out there!!! And so is 24! I really hope they don't cancel it.

  • VConn Mar 11, 2010

    I love L2M I just hope FOX doesn't yank it completely off air because that would suck big time.

  • vicbjones Mar 11, 2010

    What's supposed to funny about Jim Belushi in a drama? Traces of Red was a drama. Thief was a drama. The Steven Bocho-created show he was on prior to "According to Jim" was apparently kind of a drama. How's this for a novelty? Maybe watch a show before panning it?

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