24 producer admits season six flaws

By Tim Surette

May 03, 2007

In the most recent crop of weekly television ratings from Nielsen Media Research, there weren't many surprises. American Idol and House continued to boost Fox, taking the top three spots of the period's most watched shows. However, a one-time Fox juggernaut, 24, wasn't near the top. In fact, it wasn't in the top 20 at all.

The thriller has run into some problems this season--its sixth--and has seen a drop off in both ratings and positive fan fervor. Instead of pointing fingers outward and pinning blame on others, the show's co-executive producer, David Fury, copped to a season that hasn't been as sharp as past seasons--particularly the Emmy-award winning fifth season.

A Los Angeles Times article earlier this week described the disappointment of the show's fans, and Fury responded.

"It's been a very tricky year for us, it's been very difficult," Fury told TVWeek.com in a podcast. "This is year six on the show...you try to keep things interesting, find new ways to tell the story, and unfortunately we wound up repeating ourselves somewhat."

He added, "Sometimes we make the right decisions, sometimes we don't. I would still claim that regardless of the quality drop off, what people are saying about it, the show is still very strong and still one of the best things on television."

Fury and the rest of the 24 crew certainly had their work cut out for them in season six. The previous two seasons are considered by many to be the best of franchise.

"In the early seasons of 24, [the writers tried] to map out stories and arc out stories [beforehand] a little bit more than they did, say in seasons four and five, and four and five turned out to be two of most successful seasons. It just so happens that maybe this year it's caught up with us."

As for next year, the writers will try to avoid the problems that have come about with the current season by fusing the two writing methods they've employed in the past.

"[Seasons four and five] were two seasons where we were just winging [the writing]," Fury said. "As for as next year, I think you are going to see a little bit more of a mixture of those approaches. We're going to figure out a little bit more, so we don't find ourselves running into [the same problems as season six]. They'll be a little more groundwork done. We're already talking about next season, and we've got a lot of great things planned."

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  • traderwins Jul 26, 2007

    It's true - Season 6, while it had its moments, was ultimately a disappointment compared to previous seasons. Probably the worst "repeated sublplot" was the V.P. who perceives the President as weak, trying to take over - I couldn't BELIEVE they repeated that. And I think there HAS to be a mole every time, but yeah, CTU ought to be able to make it through one crisis without their computer system getting hacked into with a virus. Still, I'm in favor of some sort of repeating history - Here's what I think it's time for - Nina's TWIN sister to arrive, seeking revenge! I'm sorry, but I just loved Nina, both the character and the actress playing her. I think they made a mistake killing off Nina - she should have stayed alive as the arch-nemesis "Joker" to Jack as "Batman". I do agree with everyone that probably the dumbest notion in 24 history was the idea of Kim working at CTU. Jeez...how long is it till January??

  • kingcroko Jul 08, 2007

    To be honest i would've liked a chance of location and had the season explore more about the Chinese government. Maybe have 2 interlinking story lines: 1. Where Jack's escaping China and trying to link back up with CTU agents, meanwhile 2. A chinese threat on American soil. These 2 could tie into one another nicely and a new location wold've made the new season a whole lot fresher.
    Obviously Jack would have to be in China for the whole season otherwise 24 could be re-named to "Airplane 3" but still, something new instead of the usual threat.

  • sandybadlands Jun 26, 2007

    So they were making things up as they went along...that explains why seasons 4-6 were so much more showy and less engaging than the first three. Hopefully Fury et al. will stop "winging it" and the outstanding quality of Days 1-3 will return.

    S2, S1, S3, S4, S5, S6

  • rlogic24 Jun 18, 2007

    I can't wait ....I enjyed Season six as much as I did the previous seasons however i did notice some of what Fury was talking about...any way still a big fan and the minor things weren't enough to change my opinion that it's the best thing on TV. January can't come soon enough!

  • qaisibrahim Jun 17, 2007

    Coooooool..I just cant wait

  • fallenepitaph Jun 15, 2007

    it never got as good as the first one but it may be ,if they totally renew the show.

  • davidl085 Jun 03, 2007

    what the hell is wrong with all u sayin that the start of season 6 is borin? do none of u remember episode 4 where not only does he have to shoot and kill one of his best friends, but also a nuke goes off! in my opinion that was the best episode out of all the seasons!!

  • dcsurvivor May 31, 2007

    I love 24! I think it is the best show on TV. I own all 5 seasons on DVD. However, I have never watched it on televison. A friend recommended Season 1 to me and I was hooked immediately! I think it is one of those shows that was meant to be seen on DVD, without commercials. I have watched seasons 1-5 on DVD and thought each season has gotten progressively better than the previous one. (4 & 5 are my absolute favorites) Therefore, I am a little disappointed that people think this is the worst season. I did purchase the first 4 episodes of Season 6 on DVD and I thought those episodes were great so, maybe I won't be too disappointed. (Most here have said they thought the beginning was boring and it picked up later on)I just love the show......period.

    Can't wait for the release of Season 6 in December.. bring it on!!! Also glad to hear that 24 has been renewed for at least 2 more seasons...I am in heaven.........

  • thatwalshguy May 29, 2007

    Are you serious? Season three was horrible. HORRIBLE. Not only was Kim's job at CTU completely unbelieveable it was also stupid, she (like Nina) was one of the few re-occuring problems that plagued 24 every season. Season four was BY FAR the most amazing because for the first time they tried something different. The model of storytelling changed, and the pacing was given steroids. That made it a million times better. Everything was simplified and less attention was given to the drawn out, pointless drama.

    Yes, this season was weak. I'm happy they admitted that. The start of the show was wonderful though. Maybe they did too well and cut themselves short. As for the person who asked about 24 before all this started its called THE BOOKS EINSTEIN. Why don't you try picking them up? The novels are original stories and ONLY deal with the timeline prior to season one. Every single thing you said, about Sherry and David being in love, Nina being good, no Kim, they are all there. Even some of the good elements of the show now! Like Morris O'Brian! How freakin sweet is that!?

  • suburbia99 May 25, 2007

    I can't believe those who thought season 4 was one of the best?!?! And no one mentions season three, which was amazing and probably the best were it not for season one being so original that it has to take the first spot..

    Here's how it goes, please comment or post your list;

    S1, S3, S5, S2, S6, S4

    In my opinion, every odd number season is awesome, so I can't wait for seven!

    And the only reaon I have season 6 over 4 was because of the slide Jack did on his knees in one of the last episodes before the finale, best move ever!

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