4400 renewed

By Colin Mahan

Aug 22, 2006

When a Stargate closes, a 4400 season opens.

Cable channel USA Network has renewed The 4400, the science fiction series about 4,400 humans who vanish from Earth over the course of 50 years and return en masse. The series will return for a fourth season with 13 new episodes in 2007.

Earlier this month, 4400 executive producer Ira Steven Behr said he wasn't sure if the network would renew the show, but if they did he was ready.

"We have at least two more seasons planned. If we were forced to go on, I think we could figure it out," he said in a conference call.

The 4400 has averaged 3.35 million total viewers a week this season.

Today, sci-fi fans received the distressing news that Sci Fi Channel had opted not to renew Stargate SG-1 for an 11th season. The series clocked in with over 200 episodes and 10 years on the air, making it the longest-running sci-fi show in US TV history.

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  • alexis32blue Mar 22, 2007

    I also want to know when the start time is.Let's just hope it starts soon!I think it starts in May.

  • PutU2REM Mar 13, 2007

    Yay for both renewing "The 4400" and cancelling "SG-1." The Sci-Fi Channel will be better for both decisions.

  • yanirasg Feb 25, 2007

    it is one of the best shows that i have seen. dose any one know when the start date is?

  • drunkencrow Jan 05, 2007

    wow , 10 years on the the air , 11 seasons .

    wow i remember i used to watch the beging of this show now i don't evan recognize. i'm no evan sure it's about the same thing.

    well anway good news for the 4400.

  • BrainFreezey2k Dec 04, 2006

    The 4400 is a great show. Has anyone seen any previews for the upcoming season?

  • abelav78 Oct 02, 2006

    The 4400 its a great show I like it, but SG-1 is Superb, too bad network cancelled it.

  • tico426 Sep 14, 2006

    4400 starts mid season hence the 13 episode blocks. Besides it works well in this format and does not get overloaded with garbage filler episodes.

  • emik73 Sep 07, 2006

    4400 is the best series and i want more

  • faramirza Sep 01, 2006

    I hope The 4400 picks up it's pace in the next season. Season 3 was very disappointing comparing it to season 2. But it's good that it gets another chance.

  • rouguesquadron Aug 31, 2006

    Look on the bright side: The 4400 is a great series and we still have Stargate Atlantis, life is still good.

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