58th Annual Prime Time Emmy Awards

By TV.com Staff

Jul 11, 2006

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  • last_hurrah Sep 21, 2009

    Is there an Emmys Chat this year?

  • VinLieger Dec 31, 2007

    How can Avatar be completely ignored again. It easily deserves to be nominated ahead of the simpsons or that cartoon network generic rubbish. But off course the world might implode if the simpsons wasnt nominated for something.

  • cutiekittygal Dec 31, 2007

    one word, avatar!

  • apryleiscariot Jul 20, 2007

    I can't believe Battlestar Galactica didn't get nominated for more important awards. It is unfortunate that most people do not give it a chance... I can understand though, that because it is just one of those shows you need to have started at the beginning... more people haven't realized it's potential. It really isn't very SCIFI... In my opinion, it has some of the best acting I have ever seen, and the writing and production is A+ in quality. It's a shame... If you ever get a chance... give it a chance... =D

  • hotcandy Apr 26, 2007

    South Park should win!

  • Water78 Dec 09, 2006


  • WeaselMaiden Nov 22, 2006

    The office won...

  • squishyhippo Sep 02, 2006

    Jean Smart should have won. That season of 24 was one of the best.

  • dr_taffin Sep 02, 2006

    Too bad Jean Smart didn't win. 24 should have swept all the categories it was nominated for last season. I'm not just saying that because I'm a 24 fan either. President Logan and the First Lady were incredible.

  • ff_zero Sep 02, 2006

    I'm glad Kiefer won, he really deserved it.

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