A&E Cancels The Glades

By Tim Surette

Aug 30, 2013

It's a sad day for whoever it is watched The Glades. A&E canceled the series after four seasons today, says The Hollywood Reporter, less than a week after the Season 4 finale notched a season-high audience with 3.4 million viewers. Cruel! The Glades was an initial success for the network and was the first A&E scripted series to get a second season.

Created by Clifton Campbell, The Glades was about a detective from The Windy City who took a job with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement looking for a paid vacation in the sun. But little did he know that people get murdered in Florida, too. That, and alligators. Matt Passmore and Kieli Sanchez starred in the drama. 

The announcement comes just a day after word got out that A&E was about to renew Longmire. With The Glades gone, the only original scripted dramas on A&E are Longmire and Bates Motel. But soon it will be three again; the Chloe Sevigny-starrer Those Who Kill has been ordered to series for debut in 2014.

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  • Schwabsters Aug 02, 2014

    I'm stunned that this show was cancelled, I started watching it on netflix and when I got to the last show and check to see if there would be another I was speechless and thought what a stupid way to end, one of the best series I've seen on Netflix, again I think you folks at A&E; made a mistake and I'm starting to hate watching series on netflix that all of a sudden end with last show series that abruptly stop!

  • Schwabsters Aug 02, 2014

    Stupid for canceling "The Glades" series! I'm mad it was cancelled

  • Beverleyj Jul 26, 2014

    Really......and this is how you end it. Shows a lot of respect for the loyal viewers. One of the rare shows I enjoyed watching.

  • joyfinley560 Jul 11, 2014

    "REALLY" There are so few shows that I enjoy watching, even though I pay for a couple hundred. You don't even get a full season anymore and the hiatis seems to be longer than the programming. I am quickly being weaned off from tv and when my 91 yr old mother no longer needs it I will be cancelling my tv services. I don't know who the networks are programming for, but it seems like they are going for what they can produce for the least amount of money and effort. I wouldn't be surprised to see television stations go away during my lifetime. They are being very short sighted by not paying for quality shows just so because they can make a better profit off the crap they are replacing them with. Between crap shows and the fact that reruns are shown more often then new shows doesn't keep viewers. I'm not even going to start watching their new shows since as soon as I get interested in them, they will be cancelled. No point in getting invested in a show if I am going to be left hanging again like they did with Glades.

  • sharynferrie Jul 09, 2014

    My husband and I discovered The Glades on Netflix last spring and tonight watched the final episode of Season 4- not realizing it was actually the FINAL episode of the show. I ran to my computer to find out about Season 5 and SHOCK! No Season 5! What in the world are you decision makers at A & E thinking??? You clearly had a hit show with MILLIONS of viewers but that wasn't a good thing to you??? Wow! You blew it big time!

  • nigelberry39 Jul 01, 2014

    Sorry that all you have to say. what the hell man never leave a show with a cliff hanger if you going to cancel it. what next you going to cancel bates motel. this is why i don't put up with A&E; you guys are always canceling the good stuff and leave the boring one on air you could have keep that Breaking bad Pice of crap show hours of my life i will never get back.

  • lequishasmith9 Jun 11, 2014

    I can't believe A&E; would cancel this show. I'm waiting on an announcement of when the summer premier would be to later find out it won't be. I only watch this station for the glades now I have no reason to watch at all.

  • MsJAMZ007 Jun 17, 2014

    I agree! I'm so sorry it ended and plus to leave us hanging with Jim getting shot before his wedding. That really sucked!

  • rdparkhurstfloyd Jun 04, 2014

    I agree!!! How can they just cancel the Glades? Why couldn't they at least give us an ending? A&E; obviously don't care what the people that actually watch this channel think.

  • butterfly1250 Jun 01, 2014

    I just realized that The Glades has been cancelled. That is ridiculous. I'd rather watch The Glades than that stupid Duck Dynasty show. At least the Glades had substance. Now we'll never know if Jim survived the gun shot wounds. And they were about to get married. I cannot believe the networks. The cancel good programs and renew stupid crap!

  • candlebug2 May 29, 2014

    I am sad that the glade will not return. I so enjoyed that show. Please bring it back....

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