A&E Has Renewed Longmire, Y'all

By Tim Surette

Jun 30, 2012

Look out all you crooked prostitute killers, Amish-forsaking strippers, and Mexican drug cartels operating way too far north, Sheriff Walt Longmire has another season to catch you. A & E has renewed Longmire, its perfectly decent Western, for a second season, says Deadline Hollywood. The series has averaged almost 4 million viewers per episode in its young life, topping out at 4.15 million for its debut.

Longmire is based on the mystery novels by author Craig Johnson and stars Robert Taylor as Walt Longmire, a grizzled sheriff recovering from the death of his wife and solving crimes the old-fashioned way in Wyoming. Katee Sackhoff and Lou Diamond Phillips also star.

Longmire currently airs on Sunday nights on A & E.

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  • SteveLong Aug 19, 2012

    Thanks, enjoy every week.

  • GHOST_DOG_DMC Aug 18, 2012

    Great show, Longmire, Breaking Bad and Justified give me hope that TV can still be good.

  • marcelive Aug 13, 2012


  • steve7701 Aug 06, 2012

    Hopefully they will get closer to the novels in season 2. Still I enjoy the show.

  • Shreela Jul 02, 2012

    Although I do watch it, it's not high on my favs list. Phillips and Sackhoff were the main reason I started with this show. The most recent episode was my fav ep so far, because Sackoff's character amused me by teasing her boss about the hot lady flirting with Longmire, and Sackoff running through the forest scene was exciting to watch, then her panting for breath after was amusing too.

  • Geek_Queen Jul 02, 2012

    I'm delighted to hear this! A&E;, I tip my hat to you for renewing the series. I was afraid that since I was enjoying the series, it would end up being canceled (the networks have made me jumpy).

  • tryptz Jul 02, 2012

    Love this show! The casting for Longmire is just spot on!

    Watching the series is like seeing Craig Johnson's vision of Longmire .

    Oh and for once in a movie I can actually stand to watch and like Katie Sackoff!!

  • BarryDalton Jul 01, 2012

    Has the show got better after the first 3 episodes?

    I can't watch it anymore.

    But I'm happy for people who like it that it got renewed.

    Somebody please let me know if the show changes significantly, and maybe I'll try it out again.

    I find the "native american" character and the daughter and the girl deputy and the guy running for sheriff all very phony and annoying.

  • dref22 Jul 02, 2012

    Same here and I basically came here to ask the same question. XD

  • BenedictXVI Jul 01, 2012

    I love that show. Thank you, A&E;!

  • bluemystique Jul 01, 2012

    Yeahhh, I'm still bitter that they cancelled Breakout Kings. I'm a grudge holder like that.

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