A Win-Win for Castle

By Stefanie Lee

Mar 30, 2010

It's simple, really: Last night's episode of Castle was good. Good enough to keep me on the edge of my seat, good enough to earn the series its highest ratings ever, and good enough to properly set the stage for this morning's announcement that the show has been renewed for Season 3.

Last week I wrote about how the show was more than capable of handling a multiple-episode storyline, and "Boom!" (the second half of last week's "Tick, Tick, Tick...") aptly proved my point. "Tick, Tick Tick..." had left us wondering if Beckett (Stana Katic) survived a violent explosion, and within the first five minutes, we knew she was fine. No time wasted in the hospital, no over-acted bedside dialogues, no heartfelt confessions. After those five minutes, Beckett was back on her feet, doing what she does best: Kicking ass and engaging in witty banter with Castle (Nathan Fillion).

Overall, this episode was chock-full of self-validating, high-intensity moments for Castle and Beckett as individuals and as a team. Beckett displayed more physical prowess in this episode than ever before, deftly chasing Nikki Heat-obsessed killer Scott Dunn through the New York City subway system. Castle held his own with a firearm, shooting the gun right out of Dunn's hand at the final showdown. And together, the pair made even more progress. Beckett finally displayed complete trust in Castle—by giving him a gun and by following his instinct about Dunn's whereabouts—and Castle took this trust seriously, instead of falling back on his trademark wisecracks. After some skepticism about their relationship, kick-ass FBI Special Agent Jordan Shaw (Dana Delany) even complimented Beckett on their ability to work together. Beckett, of course, replied that their relationship was "complicated." What a tease!

So, what happens next? Beckett and Castle have obviously grown closer because of this case—she had to stay at his apartment after hers was blown to smithereens, he rescued her father's watch and kind of saved her life a few times—yet both characters are supposed to get new love interests any day now. I can't wait to see what the writers come up with—and judging from that ratings spike and renewal news, neither can everyone else.

What did you think of the episode?

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  • AlineL0 Mar 31, 2010

    Am glad they will be back for"chapter" 3,the cast is amazing!..and i must tell Esposito i dont see Javier Bardem playing him u know for the fictional Nicki heat movie!!)..

    I know most people like the URS-watever tension we see in Bones, but i wish Castle wouldnt go that way too, i wish Castle and Beckett could just go for it!!.I have this tremendous trust in the castle's writers,they can do it in way it won't suck.!URST sometimes get in a way,we end spending most time dissecting what characters say to each other so we could look for innuendos and double entendre just so we could answer,is today the day they kiss or he/she let it slip they care.In the end we dont get to enjoy the case.I used to enjoy listening to Bones explain to Booth all the forensic-antho-sciences of the case bones and wats not, now am busy trying to see if Bones notices how adoringly Booth gazes at her...God!!am pathetic!

  • saraanela Mar 31, 2010

    Amazing show no surprise on a 3rd season!! I loved the 2 part episode and the awesome start with Beckett's hand appearing on the bathtub. More Caskett-y goodness in this episode, though there was more in the 1st part. I loved Dana Delany on the show, but the smartboards not so much. The plot wasn't awesome, but still great and one of the best storylines. Can't wait for the next eps!!

  • lucas_pang Mar 31, 2010

    Great news! This show's definitely staying in my line-up.

  • swassy Mar 31, 2010

    This series and the characters really grow on you.. Awesome it got renewed! Season 3... Bring it on! :D

  • Sobrenaturalia Mar 31, 2010

    YAY!! I love this show, and it will be back for more Castle and Beckett witty banter. I cannot wait. Great news!

  • xextremex Mar 31, 2010

    FANTASTIC show! Since the beginning, I've been in awe of the near-flawless writing. It's so intense, yet intelligently funny and dramatic. And romantic. How awesome it is to see two sides of Castle - the family man and the outrageous-yet-helpful tag-along. Absolutely in love with this show. And it's not disappointing me. Unlike so many other shows, the writing is original and shocking. I LOVE it!

  • TineRua Mar 31, 2010

    The show is great, and I'm so glad it's coming back next season. The two parter was excellent, even if it meant I had to force myself not to watch Tick Tick Tick until just before Boom aired (I don't do well with cliffhangers). Stana Katic and Nathan Fillion have amazing chemistry and even Dana Delany, who I don't normally love, was excellent as the kick-ass "federal" equivalent of Kate.

  • who8mycake Mar 31, 2010

    Lovin this show... nuff said!

  • leslyee Mar 31, 2010

    See this what I keep telling everybody! Best show on TV! These past two episodes were really fun. Everyone had good lines and the chemistry is always there. I am so glad this show is renewed. Now I can breathe a sigh of relief and am looking forward to more episodes and next year.

  • joy9585 Mar 31, 2010

    I loved it- thought it was a great episode. I also really liked the fact that the FBI wasn't "the enemy". Sure, they had their disagreements and such, but overall they worked well together instead of trying to hinder each other's investigations. It was a relief to see that type of camaraderie between law enforcement agencies. I also really enjoy the slight teasing b/w Castle and Beckett without it being completely drawn out and annoying. You know they might at some point, but it doesn't consume the show.

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