ABC Cancels Last Resort and 666 Park Avenue

By Tim Surette

Nov 16, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving, cast and crew of Last Resort and 666 Park Avenue! Now you can bury your sobbing face in a plate of mashed potatoes, because your shows have been canceled. After what's been a fairly gentle season for new shows, ABC swung its axe hard and fast today, saying goodbye to the nuclear sub drama and the haunted apartment building horror.

You can feel disappointed all you want, but you shouldn't be surprised. Both shows were struggling, and many thought this week's performances were critical to their respective futures. How did they respond? Each posted a dismal 1.2 rating in the adult demo this week. But if you need a silver lining, both series will finish out their initial 13-episode orders, so maybe we can get a little closure. Personally, I'd love to see Marcus and Sam turn their nuke keys and flatten Curry's house with 200 tons of radioactive material.

Last Resort, which I thought was the best new network show of the season, was ambitious, serialized, and challenging, exactly the kind of show that fails on network television. It couldn't have been a cheap show to make, which probably contributed to its sinking. Creator Shawn Ryan can now focus his attention on his modern-day Beverly Hills Cop project, which will probably get a series order at CBS.

UPDATE: Here's Mr. Ryan's response to the news, from Twitter:

As for 666 Park Avenue, its problems seemed to be more on a creative level. The show never found its groove or served up the promised scares, and was outshined by the rest of ABC's strong Sunday lineup (Once Upon a Time and Revenge).

These are ABC's first two cancellations of the season. The Neighbors and Nashville have both received full-season orders.

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  • Whyinever Jan 16, 2013

    so the neighbors gets picked up but not last resort? WTF

  • Fizia Jan 02, 2013

    they can kill last resort as much as they want, it's so so lame, typical uncerebral show, I hate all this war/military show that americans enjoy, yuck.
    On the other hand stopping 666 is a real bad news, I was so exited to following Jane on her jumping time and the show started to get more and more interesting.
    I will really never be agree with the motivations of the people in charge to decide to stop or to continu a show, it's so illogical to me ! feel sad :(

  • eu332 Dec 27, 2012

    another proof to why americans are stupid. you reject anything that is remotely exciting, that actually stimulates your brain.
    All can be resumed into this: "Grrr! Me american, me dont like to think, me like to smash rocks with head or watch trash shows that are ... well... TRASH".

    GOODBYE good shows ! RIP : Stargate, The event, Eureka, AWAKE, House, Weeds, Chuck, Fairly legal, Damages, Bleach etc.

  • TimoSuprimo Dec 21, 2012

    I would have to agree. Last Resort, only reason to even watch anything on ABC. Matter of fact.. I hadn't even heard of ABC till Last Resort started playing on it. we should petition USA to pick it up. Then I would get NCIS, and Last Resort on the same channel.

  • blackbetty79 Dec 07, 2012

    I watched Last Resort to spend quality time with my husband at first but started to enjoy it. Too bad to see it go and that stupid X Factor, Nashville and the Voice get to stay. Now as for 666 Park Avenue, oh my, a show with that title on prime time tv was just never ever going to fly. It might have had a chance on HBO or even FX. Maybe someone will pick up the show

  • Clarkent66 Dec 02, 2012

    Gee this American TV network is so full of shit. They cancelled a promising show that holds a lot of inspiration to the Jerry Bruckheimer blockbuster, Crimson Tide if it was ever made into a TV series. It could even become the next 24 only on an Island filled with a lot of disgraced navy sea men and women seeking to clear their names and return home.

  • zografosbZW Nov 29, 2012

    Oh come on people. They're keeping "The Neighbors" and "Nashville" alive and they're killing "Last Resort"? I get that Nashville looks too American, so they keep it, but The Neighbors?? What is it they want? Viewers aged 5-7, cause only kids in that age MAY like this shit.
    I'm not saying that Last Resort was an epic show with zero faults. It had a great story and a nice plot, everything could just get better and better. I just don't get U Americans.
    Haven't watched "666 Park Avenue", so I can't say anything about it.....
    RIP Last Resort. btw it was a nice resort

  • vampsgotsoul Nov 25, 2012

    Give me a break! 666 is a GREAT SHOW! I DO NOT watch reality shows, so to watch a scripted show that is so good makes me happy. Another station maybe..Come ON FOX, TBS. Somebody pick up 666 Park Ave!!!

  • TammyMatt Dec 02, 2012

    I concur!!!! I hope someone else picks up 666 Park Ave. It is my FAVORITE new show this season.

  • Kuro_Neko- Nov 22, 2012

    Last Resort was the best new show this season. It's unfair for it to get the axe, but it's hardly the first good show to get cut short and I highly doubt it'll be the last.

  • LouisaGidding Nov 21, 2012

    well at least i can stop watching now after just one show no point wasting my time watching the rest

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